Nine Things You Should Know About The Next Final Fantasy VII Spinoff

Kotaku: In June, Square Enix quietly announced a new mobile game called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, based on the mini-game from their iconic RPG. The general reaction was a resounding “uh, what?” But the trailer was cool, as is the concept, though we haven’t heard much more about what we’ll get to do in G-Bike, or how it will be different from the 17-year-old mini-game that shares its name.

At E3 in Los Angeles last month, I sat down with G-Bike producer Ichiro Hazama — who also produced the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games — to chat about what the next Final Fantasy VII spinoff will be like.

Hazama, who spoke through a translator, had some interesting things to say about G-Bike. And since I finally had time to transcribe our interview while on a flight last weekend, I thought I’d share some interesting excerpts from our chat (edited for brevity and clarity).

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