The Hardest Modes in Video Games


We remember some of the hardest video game modes around, those difficulty settings that have you ripping your hair out in frustration.

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Vantage1929d ago

Dark Souls 2 thinks death makes it challenging. Much like Paranormal Activity thinks startling people makes it scary.

levian1929d ago

They definitely throw more difficult situations at you in Dark Souls 2 than the other Souls games.

That being said, death was never the difficulty. The difficulty was figuring out the attack pattern of every enemy so you know perfectly when to dodge or block, and remembering where the traps were. I think its more of a memory game than anything.

DonDon1929d ago

Dark Souls 2 is much too easy compared to Dark Souls 1.

Aussie_Spectre1929d ago

I think European Extreme in MGS3 takes the cake, required absolute precision

Kyosuke_Sanada1929d ago

Shadow Tower.........that is all.