'The Last Of Us Remastered': New PS4 features and improvements

The Last Of Us Remastered contains a variety of new features for players to enjoy. As you may have found out by now, it's arguably one of the best looking games that is currently available on the PS4, and Naughty Dog did more than just release a port of the 2013 hit.

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insomnium21931d ago

For anyone who hasn't already played this this is a good chance to get some real value for your money. Hell when I buy myself a PS4 TLOU will be the first game I buy on it. Right now I'm occupied with the PS3 version of this game.

Ripsta7th1931d ago

My first game was BF4 came with my PS4 :p

SuperBlur1931d ago

lovely , pretty on par with the cutscenes

Justindark1931d ago

If you say so i don't think that's a good reason.. but hey that's just me. the game looks exactly the same.. i dono i still think its too soon for this.

Bathyj1931d ago

Youre delusional if you think this looks exactly the same. Stop looking at screenshots and youtube videos and put them side by side on a TV and tell me that. Its apples vs highly polished apples.

Everyones so hung up on this remastered thing, but its a GotY edition, nothing more. If it had came out on PS3 again with all the DLC no one would have said a thing.

You can either be grateful you get to play the best version of the best game in years, maybe ever, or you can simply exercise your right to not buy it.

Those choosing the 3rd option, to whine and moan about its existence are just getting old, and not really swaying anyone whose seen it for themselves.

Justindark1931d ago

why would you buy the same game twice?

Genuine-User1931d ago

Because I get to play one of my favourite games of last gen on a system more capable of holding a consistent frame rate.
Twice the resolution and frame rate, with all the map packs and Left behind DLC in one package is a must for any fan.

blakstarz1931d ago

If I where you, I would stop playing it and reserve my excitement for the PS4 version if you plan on getting the PS4 like you stated, unless you just want to finish it on the PS3 and replay it again.

I myself had the PS3 version but I never really got that deep into the game (maybe like 10%) so when I heard a PS4 version coming out, I just stopped playing all together and got the PS4 one.

starchild1931d ago

That's what I did too. Except I was a little further in. It was kind of hard to put it on hold for a while, but I really wanted to experience the game at its best.

Drekken1931d ago

Same with me... I did the trade in at gamestop and it really was a good decision. I love this game. I should be able to finish the single player tonight. What a ride.

insomnium21931d ago

I've completed in many times already and spent a good portion of time online on t too. I just thought about taking the plat on this so that's keeping me busy. Though I almost have withdrawal symptoms for not going online and playing the campaigne LOL! The online is just fantastic!

GearSkiN1931d ago

So its a remastered it's suppose to be the complete version but it's still have DLC you gotta buy?

youndamie1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

There is new DLC in development. All currently released dlc is included.

LazyGoron1931d ago

You beat me... you bastard!

youndamie1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

@Lazy lol srry bro, you should of made your comment shorter. Beat you by a few seconds.

LazyGoron1931d ago

It has all DLC already released for the PS3 version.

ND said that there is future DLC that will come to the PS3/4 versions at the same time. Probably just MP maps but we can always hold out hope for another singleplayer DLC :)

The remastered edition has all the content that is currently available on the PS3 version already on the disc.

insomnium21931d ago

Yeah it's a good deal really.

0P-Tigrex1931d ago

The only thing i personally noticed was the port of poorly done AI and nonsensical choppy frame rates in areas that had NO high activity occurring, bizarre audio effects, and glitchy bombs and Molotov's in Ellie's section. And the Launch of it's broken matchmaking system.

I also noticed things that i didn't notice while playing the Ps3 version like detail to the environments, the color ring in the middle of the flashlight light, Birds in the sky and how there are loop animations and they are relatively 3D. The moon in the sky in the prologue.. ect..

insomnium21931d ago

There there. Looks like you bet on the wrong horse but cheer up there is the MCC coming your way to destroy the boredom eventually.