The Armchair Empire reviews GTA IV (9/10)

The Armchair Empire writes: "Despite the many perfect 10 review scores that have been lavished upon it, Grand Theft Auto IV is not the word's greatest videogame ever made. It has too many flaws, from frustrating auto-aim shooting to awkwardly clumsy third-person character movement, to a not-fully-realized online excellence, to so-so driving, to be deemed the ultimate videogame in the history of videogames.
However, there is, despite the multitude of less-than-stellar features, a reason that it is definitely one of the best games of the year and maybe just the best GTA title to date, heady praise considering how good the previous three major GTA titles have been. What GTA IV does is a rarity in gaming: draws you in – really draws you in – to the role of the game's lead character, so much so that GTA IV transcends just being a gaming experience. It becomes an unparalleled entertainment experience."

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CViper3780d ago

Have the balls to give this game an 8 like it deserves. After you are over the city and how it looks comedy shows\tv.. there is no content to keep you interested that isn't completely repetitive.

Hercules3780d ago

really i dont see why people HATE GTA4 so much, i mean its great story, and the little sad parts are not that good, and i have no trouble with auto-aim, if it selects the wrong target just hit the left stick, takes less than a second, this game is WAY better than SA imo...the best GTA was Vice City, because it was just right at the time, anywho, i could care less about reviews, and why is this one so late? im bout to trade mine in for MGS4...

yesah3780d ago

armchair empire? months old game review? Pass.