This Resident Evil HD Remaster Limited Edition Is Only For Japan

The PlayStation 3 version will be sold as both a downloadable game and retail title. A boxed copy goes for 3,990 yen plus tax. Fans can also pick up a version with an 48 page art guide book and G. Trevor floor map for 4,990 yen plus tax.

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-Foxtrot1533d ago

They really need a collectors or limited edition for other countries.

Seriously they had an item on their store, a STARS badge replica, they should do a steelbook and add that into a special package.

uptownsoul1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Will this remastered HD game be region locked? Does anybody know? Cause, if not, an international order may be in the cards!!!

3,390Yen is like $33.00 USD…So with tax and shipping it still seems like a steal

PFFT1533d ago

I dont think so. I imported a few PS3 games in the past and none were region locked. I dont know about the Digital though.

masterfox1533d ago

ok ? good for them I guess.

porkChop1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Woah hold on, the retail boxed copy of just the game will be 3,990 yen? That's roughly $40 for a remaster of a nearly 20 year old game. What a ripoff! I thought this was gonna be a $15 to $20 digital game.

ThatEnglishDude1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

It's Capcom. Are you really THAT surprised?

Despite peoples moaning and the inevitable wave of hate - people will still buy it.

porkChop1533d ago

I guess I probably shouldn't be. Capcom have made worse decisions in the past.

equal_youth1533d ago

u really thing 40dollars are too much for a complete game? and i wouldn't bring in the argument that it is nearly 20 years old. If you would buy the old ps1 version for 40 i would be on your site but we are getting not the same game here. Just look at the screens and remember what resident evil was once.

ocelot071533d ago

The gamecube version (which it is based of) is closer to 10 years old than 20.

Inception1533d ago

If the game have an option to change the sub/menu into english than i will import this from playasia.

Biohazard88601533d ago

I want a boxed copy damn it might import this...

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The story is too old to be commented.