PlayStation 4 vs. the Xbox One: Who Will Reign Supreme

In the past few decades, gamers have witnessed incredible battles between some of the most well-known gaming consoles. The 90s saw Nintendo’s SNES take on the Sega Genesis. Later we saw the first Sony PlayStation take on both the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64. Microsoft eventually entered the industry while Sega exited at the dawn of the new millennium.

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Future_20151927d ago ShowReplies(1)
cruzngta1927d ago

IT's pretty obvious so far at least. Good luck XB1 - you have a LONG road ahead of you.

Septic1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Nothing is set in stone but Microsoft have a very tough and uphill battle in front of them. They need to pull off all stops to make up for lost ground. Personally, I don't see it happening (reigning supreme over Sony that is).

I think the PS4 will reign supreme the entirety of this generation when it comes to market share and sales etc. Who will provide the best gameplay experiences? That remains to be seen (as its all subjective anyway).

Expect greatness from both consoles.

Sony having excellent hardware not stifled by difficult to program for architecture and benefiting from incredible momentum from its introduction. It has the most comprehensive indie studios, the best console hardware, a deluge of classic talented studios and a clear vision for the future.

The X1 fumbled in spectacular fashion early on and after a very troubled start, things are beginning to look up. What it lacks in hardware proficiency (especially comparatively to the PS4) it can make up for in software. It has seen great support in terms of meaningful updates, a change in vision (thank GOD!) from a media focus to a more gaming centric one and most of all, MS are determined to keep fighting to reclaim lost territory. Finally, MS have taken notice it seems and will hopefully utilise the likes of Rare (or its IP's anyway) and focus on delivering key exclusive content.

I just feel like 'next-gen' hasn't begun yet software wise. Next year, I think we'll see that happen. I suspect Sony will really kick off next-gen with The Order 1886. Let's wait and see.

funkybudda1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Please explain how software can make up for hardware deficiencies, enlighten me. Better yet, please refute the info presented in this article:

Septic1927d ago

"Please explain how software can make up for hardware deficiencies"

Because delivering a stellar experience isn't contingent on having a powerhouse of a console. I'm not saying software will ensure parity. I'm saying software, as in gaming experiences, great, wonderfully crafted experiences, will always trump technically brilliant but hollow and mediocre experiences.

Mr Pumblechook1927d ago

Article uses the image of the customised "Gay-Station" PS4. Is this just a nice way to add a bit of colour to the writing or is it an underhand slight on the PS4 and the LGBT community?

Tsar4ever011927d ago

Man, Can't anyone see this is nothing but a "click bait" article? He praises the lead of Playstation, yet he post the GAYstation console picture. I sense mockery in this. He doesn't say much of anything most of us here don't already know. I'd just would like if ya'll Don't allow these click bait bloggers to post anymore of there Crap. He's at least as bad as that other prick blogger with his "Why PS or Xb will do this and that articles. Enough already.....

jdubrady1927d ago

PS4 will the be more popular console this generation. Xbox just put themselves in a hole with all that DRM, needing Gold to use apps, and being $100 more than ps4. I know they fixed all of the issues I've listed, but I think the damage has been done. They will recover once games start to roll out and more people start to adopt a next-gen console. Both ps4 and xbox will have success I believe in the long run.

MysticStrummer1927d ago

I don't know how many people feel this way, but my friends who had 360s decided against XB1 before any of those things you listed ever happened, because of their experiences with RRoD.

Why o why1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Some people I know switched to sony or pc's or quit gaming altogether because of ms's minimalistic final 3rd last gen, obviously there are many who are just holding out to see what transpires. Their reasons may vary but some of the defects hearing xbox fans brag about how much moolah ms have in reserves just compounded their decision. Ms's potential didn't match their output especially when compared to 'broke' and 'bankrupt' sony who catered to their core throughout the gen and still are. Some just didn't appreciate the core - kinect focus switch.

Many apologists tried to call others names, damage control and whatever but if you think the interest in brand xbox is where it is just because of their botched reveal/drm or price, then you're quite naive. They set the sour seed last gen when they fell off. (Infographic not needed)

In regards to reigning supreme...... I would have to go with sony for now at least. They've been laser focused and have learnt from their arrogance whilst ms is paying for theirs. Its also a tougher path when last gens advantages aren't there to help.

MysticStrummer1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I should have said "several of my friends who had 360s" made their decision that way, because though none of them want XB1 only a few actually gave RRoD as the reason.

Goku7811927d ago

Same here I know tons of people including myself thats the biggest reason why. They were knowingly selling a system with a higher than 50% fail rate, then made Xbox One under powered with a flawed design and now dis-Kinect. Yeah dont touch it with a ten foot pole.

mixolydian_id1927d ago

I still don't want a PS4

Does that make me wrong?

I had RROD... got it fixed by a Polish guy for 15$.

You think people would be more resourceful

MysticStrummer1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

@mixolydian - That's your business, but how many times should people need to be "resourceful" with a brand new console? The people I'm talking about had enough disposable income to buy new consoles when the old ones broke. When this happens once, twice, three times, four times… I think it's perfectly understandable to pass on the next console from that company.

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mcstorm1927d ago

I think the PS4 will stay a head too but there is a chance the xbox one could close the gap as there is still over 300 million last gen console owners to upgrade to the new consoles so anything could happen.

One thing im sure of though looking to what Nintendo Sony and Microsoft are doing to each console is that there will be one winner and that will be the Gamers.

mixolydian_id1927d ago

Im not bov'd about closing any gap.

Console sales numbers mean nothing to me.

I buy what I want. Not because of what everyone else has.

Im no sheep, I'm a adult, I don't do what Im told... unless the missus is raising her voice awful loud

mcstorm1927d ago

@mixolydian_id im sorry did I say anything about you in my post? Little confused by your reply to me.

I don't want a PS4 at this moment in time too no games I want for that console that I cant get on the xbox one and I own both the xbox one and WiiU as well as a 3DS. I could not care less which console sells the most as I also buy what I want but the majority of people buying a games console at the moment are buying the PS4 just a fact no matter how anyone try's to spin it.

But like I said at the end of the day its the gamers who ar winning in this so called console ware as Nintendo and Microsoft have had to step up and they are now delivering great games and ide only expect Sony to start doing this too soon to try and stay at the top of this gen because at the end of the day no matter what anyone says its all about the £ for all 3.

SaveFerris1927d ago

Look at that colourful console in the pic. How can that NOT win?

Spotie1927d ago

Sony is in for a fabulous showing this generation.

Seriously, though, the only way they lose this gen is if they make multiple big mistakes.

I just don't see that happening.

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