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Toolster2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Bring back the zombie goodness :)

Survival horror at its best , those pics look pretty sweet, I had totally forgot about the huge snake, it's gonna be awesome

Gaming1012309d ago

Yeah, but quite frankly in addition to having static camera angles where you can move in the direction your thumbstick is pointing, and allowing to either go 4:3 vs 16:9 (a stupid option quite frankly, 16:9 will give you more information on screen to see enemies attacking you) they should've done what people want most which is an optional over the shoulder camera!!! Static camera angles aren't used anymore in games for a simple reason - they're shit, clunky, unintuitive, and don't work.

Spikeantestor2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

@ Gaming101

The change to an over the shoulder camera would have required a much larger investment from Capcom. An OTS camera requires a 3D evironment but most of what you see in the game isn't 3D but a sort of 2D wallpapering. So Capcom would have had to redo a vast percentage of the visuals.

Borma2310d ago

Hell yes to the yes yes yes! Cannot Wait! Platinum Trophy was the only thing missing when I replayed Director's Cut last month, so I hope it has one.

Wintersun6162310d ago

I wouldn't get my hopes too high for that. RE4 and Code Veronica X didn't even have one. I was disappointed by that.

styferion2310d ago

time to revisit the manor!

Matt6662310d ago

its a mansion not a manor, also hope capcom don't mess it up

Mr-Dude2310d ago

Now please also HD Re2 and Re3 and I am so happy

LOGICWINS2310d ago

Of course, that would depend on how well the RE1 remake does...but I cnt imagine it not doing well. Capcom actually listened! I still think we should hold our breaths until we see what the price point will be though.

LOGICWINS2310d ago

Honestly, these remakes SHOULD be priced at $20. But I feel Capcom might go the idiot route of $30.

MoveTheGlow2310d ago

Mr-Dude, those would be far more expensive.

The HD remaster of RE1 is based on the previously-existing Gamecube version, with some stuff sharpened and up-rezzed. They're basically just upgrading assets and making the controls a little more tolerable.

RE2 and RE3 never got that treatment, although they did get a port to the Gamecube. Capcom would have to make many more *new* assets for those games to be put into HD - otherwise, you'll just get what you could easily do on a PS1 emulator at 1080p.

MehmetAlperTR2310d ago

It is same as Gamecube version just HD Remake.. I played it already. We want new game.. Better wait for The Evil Within. Because of bad HD Remake of RE4 and CVeronica i think it s waste of time and money for gamers. But it s Resident Evil so it ll sell a lot because of Brand.. Unfortunately. People need to think first and buy second.

LOGICWINS2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Smart one, most PS1 owners who were RE fans never owned a Gamecube. Either from geniune lack of interest or protest that RE4 was a Nintendo exclusive. First time I played RE4 was on the PS2. Im willing to wager that MOST RE fans never played the Gamecube included. I welcome these remakes wholeheartedly.

Capcom gains invaluable experience working with these consoles.

New gamers(more in this gen than any other gen seeing how fast the PS4/XB1 are selling) get to start RE with the first one.

masterfox2310d ago

Finally someone with common sense :)

Bubble +

InTheLab2310d ago


WTH are you talking about? You have no way of knowing that. I could just as easily say that most people that owned a PS2 went out and bought a Gamecube for RE4 just like I did. There was no protesting for RE4 because when it failed to sell on GC, they launched it on PS2 with more content...not to mention when the thing launched on GC it was also announced for the PS2.

Highlife2310d ago

My wife loves Resident Evil we had a PS2 at the time but had to get a gamecube because of that game.

Baccra172310d ago

I hear you Mehmet. I think RE1 has been remade like 7 times now. Crapcom probably has the record now.

Sevir2310d ago

Seriously how can anyone really get excited about this game. It's tropes and scares are limited by the machine it was originally built for, it's just the GameCube remake ported to the PS3/PS4/XB360/XBO. The same Terrible controls and archaic scares that were designed around the hardware limitations of the PS1 and later remade for GameCube... This game isn't scary by today's standards.

Why didn't they do a full on ground up remake of the game using the Pants Rhei Engine for PS4/XBO leveraging the strengths of today's technology with sound ambience, graphics and cinematic presentation. Or even reboot the series or make a brand new entry into the franchise?

Randostar2310d ago

LOL, i know PLENTY of people who were RE fans and had the gamecube versions. In fact my brother had RE, RE2, and RE3 and RE4 on the gamecube.In fact the Gamecube REmake is hailed by many fans as the greatest RE of all time.

Good-Smurf2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

How about re-releasing RE0 too?
I'll pass for this "Re-re-remake" I'll just go with either GC or Wii version and save money for something bigger in 2015.
Thanks for pointing me the best GC/Wii releases Capcom now I know which game I'll get for my Wii U.

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gman_moose2310d ago

Just when you thought the cow was out of milk, Capcom figures out a way to squeeze more.

If they really wanted to give an entirely new experience for next gen, they would give the option to play in over the shoulder cam rather than those fixed camera angles.

I liked those cinematic cameras in 1995 but in a game done in 1080p for this gen, I'm not sure it will have the effect it did back then.

cfc782310d ago

The option of over the shoulder cam would be good but the old system works with the early titles you always had a chance of running around a corner and being shocked when you ran into something but if it's over the shoulder your going to get to see things way to in advance which would result in taking away some of the shocks/scares moments in the game which would take away a main factor which made Resident Evil such a great game.

Deadpoolio2310d ago Show
hkgamer2310d ago

I think it will have the same effect as it did back then. But this is for the original fans. RE4+ fans would probably not like this.

Over the shoulder would be great, but its prerendered backgrounds so that is not possible.

They do have a new control scheme, but I doubt anyone would care for that.


no over the sholder cam for this game due to pre-rendered backgrounds. So I kinda wished that they would have made the background 3D instead.

I think for RE, or cassic RE games a fixed camera angle over the shoulder cam hybrid can work, similar to the RE4 hookman build. That would be the perfect blend, being able to run with fixed camera and then when aiming it gives you a good sight.

gman_moose2309d ago

@ Deadpoolio

How ironic is it for you to call me out for not reading, when you clearly don't understand what the hell you are talking about?

I'm going to talk in small words from here on, so you can understand what I'm saying, since the article seemed to go over your head, ok?

In the original RE game, you push up, and your character moves forward, even if he was facing down, so they are adding in the option to have your character move the direction you push the stick regardless of which way they are facing. Understand little boy?

Next time you decide to throw a temper tantrum full of insults, at least be sure to understand the topic mmmkay?

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VealParmHero2310d ago

I have the best momories of the first remake on GameCube. It was my first full play through of an RE game. My bros and friends would watch me play like a movie. That was a great summer too. 14 years old, shoulder tapping for beers and roaming the town, coming home to play this in the dark. Man, what I wouldn't give. This should provide some nice nostalgia.

ZombieKiller2310d ago


I havent played the original since when it came out. Looking forward to this game on my PS4!

pcz2310d ago

the gamecube remake has been the ultimate version of this game for a very long time now. looks like that will change now with this new update, unless capcom do something to mess with the formula.

its also a shame if it is just a hd port of the gamecube game, even though the game does still look amazing today, it could be incredible if they totally re-imagined it from the ground up for the next gen tech.

personally, i would keep the fixed cameras- that is the original way, and what made the game such a classic. also people claiming that it wasnt scary... really!? the game was stone cold, it was more about survival, and the odds were stacked incredibly high against you. that is what makes it scary, your death is always just around the corner if you dont use your ammo/health tactically.

that is classic resident evil.. not this modern gun blazing interpretation.

hkgamer2310d ago

I think a over the shoulder for aiming and fixed camera for running is perfect for classic RE games. Something similar to the RE4 Hookman.

It is a shame that its only a GC HD port, but lets hop that they make a RE2HD next.

ZombieKiller2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I think this is the start of what I am calling "Capcom's apology"

They realized they messed up, and now us, the gamers will benefit. It's really still too early to tell, but I think this is the start of a REALLY good set of games from Capcom. I have a feeling they will be listening to the fans for a while now.

Hopefully RE 2 & 3 will be next.......
Then we need some Devil May Cry....

1Victor2310d ago

The Way I See This Is That Capcom Is Paying Attention AfterHow Bad RE6 Was Viewed By Fans And Now They're Testing The Water With This Re Remastered Version If It Does Well ,I Don't See A Reason Not To They Will Start To Re Think Their View Of The Franchise And Hopefully Go Back To The.Original Scarcely Placed Ammo And Scary Stuff Jumping At You And Having The Option Of Run Or Fight .

Tapewurm2310d ago

I have been digging all of the remasters and remakes this and last gen.... Shadow of Colossus/Ico and God of War Collections on PS3 in 3D are very sweet.... also the remastered Tomb Raider and Last of Us on PS4 are just simply amazing as well.... all for it!

jc122310d ago

blah. I played this game on the Gamecube back in the day, and it was a really good game, no doubt. But, these pictures honestly dont look much better - graphically speaking - than the orginal. I suppose the character models look a little sharper, but nothing drastic. Certainly not enough, in my opinion, to warrant another remake.

DevilOgreFish2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Not too enthusiastic about this. it's a "remaster" not a remake. It's just a sharpened GC game, with the same old pre-rendered backdrops. and the default graphics will seem to be in 4:3, with the ability to stretch it to 16:9.
" Players are now able to choose not only between experiencing the terror at the classic 4:3 ratio or a stunning 16:9 widescreen mode"

capcom seriously?

Syntax-Error2310d ago

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?! This is becoming ridiculous. Why did we buy next gen consoles?

paradigmfellow2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Digital only. I am not going to get it.

geddesmond2310d ago

About fricking time but what I don't get is why don't they just reboot the series with the old formula that was in RE 1, 2, 3 and give us a new story with new areas, weapons, characters and such.

Gaming companies need to start hiring gaming veterans that have been gaming for 20 plus years and know what made these old and dying franchises good in the first place. I could take about 10 old franchises and turn them into masterpieces based on what I loved about them then and what I love about new franchises now.

I ain't the only one either. I bet most gamers here can do the exact same thing. A lot of these developers where too busy learning new code or working on the same type of games to every year that they lost touch with what gamers really want. They need people who play and finish 50 plus games a year of all varieties to know what people want.

LOL Capcom hire me and I'll restore you back to former glory and all I want in return is 100k a year plus 2% of game sales for each title I make sell 10s of millions.

Willio2310d ago

talk about lazy... there might be more remake of originals than original sequel games. Quit buying their remakes people.

turab2309d ago

Fucken Capcom whats the point of not releasing a physical copy?!??! your not getting my money until you do so.

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gantarat2310d ago

Nintendo : No Wii U ? F__k you Capcom

CaEsAr-2310d ago

It seems that nobody likes the Wii U

Good-Smurf2309d ago

Capcom thought every Wii U owners are kids so they released it on
"matured" consoles with older audiences.
Well they released tons of Mega Man on Virtual Console for Wii U so
it can't have them all.
If you want to play it on Big N console then just buy gamecube version.

Good-Smurf2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Capcom thought every Wii U owners are kids so they released it on
"matured" consoles with older audiences.
Well they released tons of Mega Man on Virtual Console for Wii U so
it can't have them all.
If you want to play it on Big N console then just buy gamecube version or Wii version.
(Double post WTF!?)

Zool 082310d ago

Here's a solution get a PS4/3 or Xbox One/360 instead. Hope that helps

mydyingparadiselost2310d ago

Yea, wish people had that line of thought whenever Bayo 2 was announced.

TheTowelBoy2310d ago

It doesn't have to be instead, just get both lol they both have games the others don't :P

DonFreezer2310d ago

I'm sorry but this is not a solution.He has legimate worries.

XiMasterChief2310d ago

You can't blame them. They need to make profits. Wii U doesn't have a large install (sales) base anyways.

RosweeSon2310d ago

Well it's about as big as the xbox one.

vishmarx2310d ago

except xb1 has been out for lot less longer and while nintendo was definitely a good platform fot re, I doubt a lot many who own a wii u will buy this since alot of them are just there for nintendo exclusives. sure itll help the wii u but the other way around? not so much

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2310d ago

For your information
MH3U was profitable.

DVAcme2310d ago

It has a bigger install base in Japan than any of the other current-gen systems. So yeah, fuck Capcom.

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GenericNameHere2310d ago

They gave you NES Megaman for Smash 4. SFxT players got boxart joke Megaman. We got a fair trade.

DualWielding2310d ago

Did you complain when they release the first REMake only for Nintendo and nobody else?

StifflerK2310d ago

But Wii U owners can play the game right now (it was re-released on the Wii - and the Wii-U is fully backwards compatible.)

WickedLester2310d ago ShowReplies(1)
Inception2310d ago

WiiU is backward compatible. Just buy a copy of Wii ver of RE remake and play it on your WiiU. Problem solved.

PSWiiKing2310d ago

But we still have to mess around with The Wii Remote. The Wii U doesn't have The Gamecube Controller Port to play with it.

Doge2310d ago


The game supports the Wii Classic controller/Classic controller Pro.

frostypants2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

It's a dead platform as far as 3rd parties go, man. It's only going to get worse. Best pony up for another console if that's a problem.

geddesmond2310d ago

No Wii U? Thank you Capcom. Let that last gen piece of crap die already

Auron2309d ago

I'm guessing because Capcom needs to sell this game to stay alive a bit longer so wii u isn't an option. Besides they put all those great games on Nintendo machines before and didn't get quit the money back they'd hoped.

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itisallaboutps2310d ago

As long as its not the same graphics running at 120fps. Halo remastered is an HD remake nade right. Crossing my fimgers

1Victor2310d ago

You Want A Remastered Game Done Wright Check The God Of War Collection It Even Had 3D TV Support

Clown_Syndr0me2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

This sounds great but I still want them to make a new game, in the old style. Or atleast somewhere close to the old style.
These remakes are good, as it has been 2 generations so they don't feel rushed, but at the end of the day theyre still games Ive already played.
That being said, the optional control schemes and screenshots are both brilliant, just a shame there's no physical copy..

Darkstares2310d ago

Looking forward to trying it out on the new control scheme.

ForgivenZombie2310d ago

RE 1-4 were the best of the series, I would like to see a new game using the original formula with some extra scariness and not the RE 5 or 6 garbage.