Ars Technica review: Ninja Gaiden 2

Ars Technica writes: "This is one of those games that's difficult to review. The first Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox is still considered one of the best pure-action games ever made, even though the title featured some testicle-crushing difficulty. Hoping for a similar leap in quality from pre-Ninja Gaiden games to Ninja Gaiden 2 is setting yourself up for disappointment; this game is merely more of a good thing. I've said before that I've been upset by excellence, and that happened here. This is a great game, but I wished for more of a revolution than simply a refinement of the formula. Of course, that didn't take away from the fun."

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SickNote3809d ago

...starts a review with "This is one of those games that's difficult to review" should be fired.

Kyur4ThePain3808d ago

As a reviewer, you should play the game and tell me whether it looked good, sounded good and whether you had fun.
Reviewers are getting waaay too involved in the behind the scenes politics and [email protected]

Play the game and tell me if you had fun. Period.

SickNote3807d ago

Because his job is to review games. It's not hard.