The Key to Success for PS Now and EA Access

Two new gaming services recently entered beta testing: PS Now and EA Access. Beta testing is for figuring out the kinks so they can launch a successful product to the masses. If they make sure they follow one fundamental property, they can insure their products will be successful: value creation.

To clarify what is meant by value creation, I mean that they need their services to offer a benefit that is worth the associated costs.

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RantandRave2130d ago


EA Access is in beta and it is a great deal because of pricing model and exclusive EA titles. (Obviously prices won't go up right? EA has way more games then all other companies combined right?)

PS Now is in beta and it's horrible because of pricing and horrible game selection. (Obviously prices won't go down or more games won't be added right?)

I feel that both will offer good value when they're finalized and this garbage needs to stop!!! Just saying.

RantandRave2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Can't wait to see it in all it's finalized glory.