Dragon Age: Inquisition Producer Talks Locations, Classes, Monsters and Much More

Yesterday there was a rather large info blowout about Dragon Age: Inquisition, but there's more coming your way. Producer Cameron Lee stars in a new video from Electronic Arts UK and gives us the rundown of the game's features, including its areas, creatures, character builds and quite a lot more.

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1533d ago
Games4ever1533d ago

This is a game I must buy.

Hope it's just as good as the first one (or better )

AgentSmithPS41533d ago

It LOOKS good and I'd like to play something like this but I'll probably buy it and not open it for awhile so I can return it if it's another EA stinker. Just like in movie previews they can make just about anything look good.

pandehz1533d ago

This is going to be something special, i feel it.