Have Games Begun To Fit Social Stereotypes?

An opinion piece via eGamer in which the author talks about gaming stereotypes and whether they have a place in our gaming sphere.

Quote: "Call of Duty players are all foul-mouthed teenagers who have f***ed your mom, Halo players are anti-social shut-ins who live with their parents and base their entire self-worth on how many times they can teabag your corpse, Dota players are the scum of the Earth, FIFA players buy the same game every year because they’re obsessed with sport and fancy themselves budding football stars, people who play and love the BioShock games are arts-y and pretentious and love throwing around the name Ayn Rand… and so on and so forth. "

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LackTrue4K1934d ago

There missing images of "truefan"

Haha a picture of a troll!

RantandRave1933d ago

I believe there are only two types of video game players "stereotypes".

1. Annoying(muted/ignored/blocked ) 2. Cool(add to friends list).

If you wanna use the "stereotypes" label I would suggest those listed above. Just a thought.

mrmack001933d ago

I don't fit any of those..I change Genres like I do my underwear.

ground_beef1933d ago

They should do a game about the underwear business. Kinda like business tycoon or sims only with third person perspective. ;-)