15 Most Controversial Games of All Time

GamingSoFar: Here we are with the list of 15 Most Controversial Games of all time, their reason of controversies. Check out the list.

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badboyz091537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

My top 3

1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
2. Mortal Kombat
3. Mario

Physco1536d ago

For me rape scene in tomb rider is on number one

Roccetarius1536d ago

Do you mean the scene, that they were too afraid of showing after all?

Pozzle1536d ago

It was never going to be a rape scene. People just overreacted to something that was never even there to begin with.
A rape scene would make no sense in that part of the game anyway. The men who were hunting Lara and her group didn't care if they caught a woman, a man, or a child. They were angry their captives had escaped and wanted them all dead.

aliziabi1536d ago

Article is just ok plzz try something new

dillhole1536d ago

Very poor article. Badly researched, badly written, poor choice of games, awful website navigation and layout. Waste of time. Sorry to be harsh but this needs more effort and time put into it.

danowat1536d ago

Badly written?, that's an understatement, it's terribly written, really awful!!!

Roccetarius1536d ago

DmC was probably one of the most controversial, but in the end, we did win the war after all. Chances are good, that Capcom will be develping DMC 5 themselves.

That is, unless they go bankrupt due to their recent failures.

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The story is too old to be commented.