If you're one of these 4 types of gamers, shoot yourself

Games in Asia says: "Therefore, it is in public interest that I present to you the four kinds of gamers who should take an arrow to the knee. Or even better, to the face."

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mrpsychoticstalker1928d ago

I'm a mixture of all, should I shoot myself on the foot?

ArchangelMike1928d ago

Yeah I'm all of the above. Unfortunately I'm also the type of gamer that jumps on the hype train and must pre-order that new game - only to never complete the game once it's released :(

N81928d ago

That's watch dogs for me. I returned it in two days. I was so hype for it.

Kidmyst1928d ago

I'm more a mix like 1-3, and some of that is due to trophies/achievements. If it wasn't for platinums I wouldn't be a glutten for punishment for hardest difficulties and then curse up a storm like suicide mode on spec ops the line and the stupidity of the AI of squad mates.

BattleTorn1928d ago

Yup. Same.

Definitely not a #2 though

ifistbrowni1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Somehow, i have a feeling if i told someone they should shoot themselves in the comment section of N4G, i would be insta-banned. However, this article blatantly tells a large percentage of gamers to shoot themselves and the article has nearly passed submission.

I'm a completionists, enjoy a challenge and love co-op. Eliminate all that from gaming, then it might as well be non-existent to me.

Suggesting I should shoot myself because I enjoy my games differently than you is extreme. I know that the article is trying to be "cheeky" but i feel like the Title could have been less extreme and still have been able to be "fun."

KentBlake1928d ago

Sadists? Shouldn't this title be "Masochists"?

BTW, nice plot twist at the end.

Blacktric1928d ago

Not only the author doesn't know the difference between sadist and masochist, he also doesn't know that Dark Souls doesn't let you choose a difficulty.

So now, I want to shoot whoever wrote this dreck.

MysticStrummer1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

If you feel compelled to write an article like this, get out of gaming journalism. You just don't get it and the gaming world doesn't need your input.

Edit - If I hadn't seen KentBlake's comment above I wouldn't have made it to the end of the article. You might want to think about how you word your headline and the beginning of your articles.

stavrami-mk21928d ago

I've tried to shoot myself but It just bounced off me can you kill that ,that has no life to begin with :-/

wolokowoh1928d ago

Sword of a Thousand Truths or.. headshot if zombie

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The story is too old to be commented.