Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Capcom Sale Details: 5th-11th August 2014

Neil writes "This weeks Xbox Live Games sale sees a number of titles reduced. Surely there’s something for everyone here…Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners alike?"

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MSBAUSTX1932d ago

I guess my XB1 will only be worth it once Master Chief collection comes out. Until then it will be MK8 Wind Waker and Hyrule Warriors until Evolve and Master Chief Collection. I wish I had kept my 360 one more year.

Dontworrybhappy1932d ago

Try Killer Instinct if you havent already. My fav exclusive by far.

MSBAUSTX1932d ago

Actually i do have at game and I forgot to mention it. I got the full version and bought a second controller. It is the only game me and a buddy play consistently on my XB1 when he comes over. I am looking forward to MKX too. But you are right Killer Instinct is pretty amazing.

desertpunk861932d ago

what about sunset overdrive and forza horizon 2???

LAWSON721932d ago

Come on MS Xbone could have better deals than that. Last week's was the first decent one in a while

JeffGUNZ1932d ago

Yeah, They already offered COD before. How about Forza 5 at half price?

LAWSON721932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Absolutely though I own it already but may pick up the season pass or something if it was 50% off. I am all for Valiant Hearts which I was actually hoping for because I bought it last night while I waiting for the new deals, as well as AC4, DR3, Outlast and many other Indie at 50% off would have been nice. Instead the discount is for the most overpriced and worst selling game on the store. MS needs to try harder IMO when it comes to deals with Gold.

n4rc1932d ago

Angry birds?

That game I get for free on android? Lol.. Weak

LAWSON721932d ago

I think it is the worst selling game on the store and I don't find that surprising in the slightest. Who in their right mind would pay $50 for Angry Birds Star Wars? I ask the same question even at $25

lemoncake1932d ago

Yeah the pricing is crazy even at the sale price it's stupidly overpriced, should be $5 normal price and $2 when on sale.

oKidUKo1932d ago

Terrible sale for X1 compared to last week.

JeffGUNZ1932d ago

They already offered COD before. Offer games we care about. Forza 5 half priced, or even Madden/Fifa/Sniper Elite!

MSBAUSTX1932d ago

I would buy sniper elite at half price hands down

neil3631931d ago

Sniper Elite is too recent to be hit with the discount stick isn't it?

I'm pretty sure both Forza and Fifa have had reductions previously (within the last 6 weeks perhaps). But that said, Ghosts seems to be discounted every single time and it would be nice to see something else in there.

JeffGUNZ1931d ago

Don't quote me on it but I don't think Forza has. I have actually been on the look out for that game for ages. I knew Fifa wouldn't because the world cup drew so much interest that people are now buying it full price.

If anything, they may have offered Forza DLC? Not sure, and yes, Sniper Elite is too recent, but can't a boy dream :)

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