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"Launching the game for the first time had a very “Epic” feel to it, due in part to the awesome score of music behind it. I felt that the Destiny Beta was very polished. My very first thought was, this game is like a combination of Halo and Borderlands"

- Samson Lancaster – Editor-in-Chief Str N Gaming

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Project_Storm1927d ago

The beta was indeed good but obviously lacked A LOT of the graphical polish that can be found on next gen systems. The gameplay however was the same across the board. I have preordered for the PS4 (already one of the greatest consoles ever made).

dariux321927d ago

I played beta on ps3 and liked it. I was surprised how good gameplay was, and game looked very nice on last gen console. Now I consider to buy ps3 version of the game. And hope game will be successful and live up to the hype. Or maybe its time to buy PS4 ?

myrddincrow1927d ago

Personally I want to get a Next-Gen console. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. But I totally agree even on PS3 this game is great.