Star Citizen raises $49 million – Space plant added

The next Star Citizen goal has been reached and there’s now a Xi’an Space plant.

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Ezz20131924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

oh those developers got soo much money since what ..2011 or 2012 ...can't remember
and yet still no release date
it wouldn't surprise me if one day they cancel the game because they needed more money or having problems of some sort and all the people who give them money can go eat a lollipop

i would never give money to any developer TBH

Godmars2901924d ago

That and apparently looking for more to add content - for game launch.

Meaning they what another million for 50 million in total, and for that they'll have alien languages at the start of the game. I'm guessing.

Something like that they should be adding after its been release and the game has some honest traction.

Fireseed1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

It's funny, the more money a game get's doesn't speed up it's development. It's weird I know but games still take this crazy thing called "time" to make. PSHHH what's next? They'll actually try and convince us that people need to program it, or artists need to create assets? What a bunch of thieves!

DeusEx-Machina1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I don't know, what you're talking about. Content is released already. The released dog fighting module, is pretty damn impressive and fun. Not to mention it's updated frequently.

Next up is the FPS-module. Speculation is it is going to be revealed at the gamescom event and released a few weeks after.

After that the Dog fighting module gets multi-crew ships added. Then, after both FPS and multi-crew ship-combat has been fleshed out, ship boarding will be implemented in the dogfighting module.

nippletwister1924d ago

I'm afraid of Star Citizen being overhyped and the devs failing because of that even if they make a perfect game.
There is a good reason Valve ain't doing anything with Half-Life anymore, once you go beyond a certain line in hype, not even all the gods of all religions lined up can save you.
We shall see anyway. I'm hoping everything works out in the end, space sim is my top favorite genre above all others.

aliengmr1924d ago

But when the game is released, how are you going to be surprised? Right up until that point more and more are going to be playing it and having opinions about it. When it releases we will already know if its worth it or not because there will be no surprises.

If people had been playing various builds of Watch Dogs right up to its release everyone would know what it was going to be. Thus, by the time is was released you would have already know what to expect.

The 'hype bubble' needs a complete lack of information to reach the point where people start crafting their own expectations. Star Citizen won't have that at all.

nippletwister1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

"But when the game is released, how are you going to be surprised?"
Simple, the same way i was surprised at how TOR failed at release even though it too had beta/alpha crowds and an over $150m budget going for it, as well as a lot of support and a big Kübler-Ross model going for it.
Overhyping doesn't necessarily need a total lack of information, giving too much information can also serve as a double edged sword.
The real success of it depends on how many people will buy the game after it is released [which includes a lot of people who haven't done the kickstarter out of principle/skepticism/whatever] to reimburse the budget and go over it.
You are implying that everyone defines their opinions based on the opinions of others, which is incorrect, or that there isn't a significant portion out there who isn't taking part in the beta/alpha, which i don't know the quantity of personally.
Ergo i will be surprised once the start date comes and all these things get revealed all at once.
Are the testers going into Kübler-Ross mode slowly or is the game validly great? Is the money they spent making them biased towards the game or biased towards making unwarranted over-exaggerations of what could have been done with the money? How many people have not taken part of kickstarter and are awaiting the final release without minding the beta/alpha testing?
I can't say i'll know all of this.

I am personally going to like the game however it is because it's a space sim and i automatically like this genre no matter how it is,
but i am not arrogant enough to think that any significant portion of people are like me.
It's not about knowing how the game is as much as it is knowing how the varying masses are going to react to it and how the sale figures are going to go when everyone, tester and non-tester is summed up at the release.
No matter how you know the game is, doesn't change the fact that a lot of different people have differing expectations or differing mindsets.

TheWow1924d ago

I don't think many people understand the actual extent of how open these developers are being with it, and who the man behind the game is. hint: google him.