Dark Souls II Video Showcases Upcoming Over Powered Sorceries

Junkie Monkeys: YouTube user Hellkite Drake has recently uploaded a new video that showcases a few new leaked sorceries for an upcoming Dark Souls II DLC.

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DragonKnight1927d ago

Man, I hope those make it in game. Especially the miracle, even if miracles have been unnecessarily nerfed.

Swiggins1927d ago

Yeah, that nerf to lightning spears is just too much man. :/

DragonKnight1927d ago

And it was a mistake. They were supposed to buff them by 25% but made a coding error that nerfed them by that much instead. It's unlikely they'll fix it either.

Exari1927d ago

calling the spells overpowered because you know how much damage they deal. wow dude