Costume DLC Revealed for Hyrule Warriors

Today’s Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct ended with a flourish as four DLC costume sets were announced for the upcoming Wii U game.

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ValKilmer1928d ago

This game is really shaping up to be great. Seems like there's new features announced every day.

N4g_null1928d ago

Yeah I love how they explained the game play. It is almost 3 games in one.

wonderfulmonkeyman1928d ago

Ganon was an interesting fighter reveal.
I expected half of his attacks to be based off of Beast Ganon transformations, but they really mixed his moveset up quite a bit.

Clown_Syndr0me1928d ago

Oh goody more DLC announced before a game is even out. Im not liking this trend.

Gh05t1928d ago

Well according to the article its pre-order bonuses. Not paid for DLC (Yet!).

I hate pre-order store bonuses but to me it hits a different string than when its dlc content they plan on charging.

Eonjay1928d ago

Just put the stuff in the game!

dodgemoose1928d ago

Why's this not part of the core game if it's already been made? This is just crazy.

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