Kickstarter JRPG Braven Arts is as Ambitious as its Name is Goofy

Hardcore Gamer: It's easy to dismiss Kickstarter campaigns from unknown developers out of hand, especially when you see the words "my brother and I" on the page. Though some sibling teams have made excellent games, it's not easy to trust developers with no prior experience. It seems doubly sketchy when the campaign plays on nostalgia, especially in terms of JRPGs. Based on that, I forgive you for assuming that Braven Arts is some generic, slapdash RPG Maker project, but if you take a few seconds to look at their campaign (and you can get past a bit of awkward writing) you'll see that's far from the case.

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Nerdmaster1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

"Braven Arts utilizes a day/night cycle, and NPCs follow their own routines throughout each day"

I don't understand why people think this is a good idea. The worst thing in RPGs is trying to finish (or start) a quest and having to find NPCs that move around, or even worse - NPCs that aren't available during certain times. Going to a store and finding out that it's closed because it's too late, or too early is also very annoying.

I love Skyrim and really liked Xenoblade, but this day/night/time mechanic was very, very bad. It always is. Since Shenmue people complain about NPCs that are only available at certain times, but somehow game designers thought it was a good idea...