Future Shop Gaming Product Expert Officially Unofficially Says "No Midnight Launch" For MGS4

From NextGen Player:

"With the arrival of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot a mere two days away, a lot of Canadian gamers have kept their eyes glued to game forums hoping to catch word of a midnight launch party somewhere in Canada.

Given that the fourth installment of the Metal Gear Solid franchise is expected to the be hottest game this year for PS3, if not the hottest this year on any console - you would think a midnight sale would be a given. Boy were we wrong!

After scouring the internet for weeks and finding little to no evidence of any major retailer hosting a midnight launch party for MGS4, I finally had my hopes dashed when I checked out the Future Shop message board. In a consumer inquiry forum post from yesterday, a reply from Future Shop Software and Gaming Product Expert, Daniel_D_PE, read as follows:

"As far as we've been told so far, there won't be a midnight launch like there was with Grand Theft Auto IV or Halo 3, but you would do well to contact your nearest store and ask them directly if they have any special plans for the new system's launch."

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Gun_Senshi3808d ago

LIE! Its less then 1 Day!

Its 11th June 3:22 PM here

Fishy Fingers3808d ago

Sod midnight launches, should of gone with

Fingers got his copy, Oooooh > :)