Kotaku AU: Deadnaut Is Jagged Alliance In A Universe Of Procedurally-Gen'd Mysteries & Space Horrors

Logan at Kotaku AU writes: "The idea behind the game is the humanity has reached the stars, but took its sweet time getting there ... Everyone is dead. The universe is empty, save for us. It's a mystery as to what happened, but sure as heck, us Earthlings are going to find out ... And that's the crux of Deadnaut - each mystery is procedurally-generated from a series of hand-made, yet variable templates, the result being a crazy amount variety in who you fight, what you find and where you do it. So in two separate campaigns you could be sealing an accidental rift between realities, but the monsters you tackle could be flaming demons in the first and mutant zombie rats with 13 eyes in the second."

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