Kancolle Anime PV Released

Kantai Collection (Kancolle / Kancore) is a Japanese browser game where players play as an unnamed admiral in an alternate WW2-era world and with the Japanese fleet ships are depicted as sentient, anime girls.

Despite the challenges of registering an account to the game where prospective players need to use VPN to get a Japanese IP (the game is supposedly catered towards Japanese players) and win a spot via lottery, the game has steadily garnered a growing fanbase - including English-speaking players outside Japan. The game is immortalized through very good cosplays, artbooks, manga and even a Vita game due to be released soon.

When the anime for this popular game is announced, players were hyped. Sadly, production has been delayed until January next year but fans are still hyped.

The video features CGI graphics, similar to the one used in another ships-depicted-as-cute-girls anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel. The PV has spawned a meme as well, thanks to the creativity and humor of the fans.

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