Sony Email Campaign: PlayStation Wants You To Become a Gaming Legend and Win a PS4

Sony's latest email campaign wants you to make your own custom painting, and then enter it for a chance to have it printed and shipped to you, along with a shiny new PS4.

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ftwrthtx1589d ago

North America only I think. haven't got the email to a European account yet.

Axonometri1589d ago

Where teh hlle is my email Sony?

ftwrthtx1589d ago

The link to enter is at the end of the article

chikane1589d ago

cool good luck to those who enter.

Fullmetalevolust1589d ago

I'd love to get the support of the N4G community so that I may win a ps4! Please vote for my "masterpiece."

Spotie1589d ago

That's pretty cool, dude!

Insomnia_841589d ago

I've seen a few ppl streaming their art work through PS4 that could definitely win this. I'll tell the next artis I see to enter this. A stream making a piece for this content and with feedback of the viewers would be really cool and something worth the time watching on Live From Playstation.

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