Playstation Now Works, But Is It Justified By The Insulting Rental Prices

Though bothered by the rental pricing options of Playstation NOW, eventually taking the plunge of the service with several games in order to test out the gaming experience, walking away it is crystal clear Sony is definitely on to something special.

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thorstein1932d ago

be·ta test
a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development.

jujubee881932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It can run on the crappiest connection and be at HD (once it is out of beta).. No way I will be invested in the service if the price of rentals are that high and/or if subscriptions are the only means of accessing a game I do not own.


Team_Litt1932d ago

1. quit defending it like it is free.

1. are they testing the tech or the gullible fanbase?

MCTJim1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It will a good service once they work out the kinks. Right now there are lots of kinks to be worked out. First and foremost are the pricing structures. So I agree that the prices need to be better. Yes, I know its in Beta now.

hkgamer1931d ago

pricing is a little expensive. but so are most psn games on ps3.

i personally would not use psnow. but knowing that i dont have to download, install and and download oatch, install patch and then download and install dlc could persuade me. though i doubt i would be excited to play any ps3 games on this.

hkgamer1931d ago

is it really that insulting? or is it sony out of touch with digital prices altogether.
actually compared to gamestop, some of the games seems reasonable, especially if you have most dlc with it.

anyway, sony should price the games relative to its psn counterpart. people comparing with used games in a sense is being unfair.

last but not least. remember that psnow has most dlc and no installing time. i would have played most of the games i got from ps+ if i didnt have to download and install. ps3 was a nightmare.