LittleBigPlanet 3 Gets New Info on PS4 vs PS3 Differences, Characters, Customization and Creation

LittleBigPlanet 3 is going to be released in going to hit the shelves on November 18th for PS4 and PS3, and Senior Producer Tom O’Connor provided quite a lot of new information about several aspects of the game, including characters, customization, the creation mode and the differences between the two platforms.

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DoomeDx1932d ago

Nothing new. We already knew all of this.

aceitman1932d ago

there are over sixty new tools, nice ;)

Jughead34161931d ago

Nothing new? Did you read the article? Over 60 new creation tools, swoop breathing fire, riding odd sock, changing all the character's abilities, stitching levels, no longer bound by thermometer. Cool new details

Prime1571931d ago

Don't forget 16 layers.

TFJWM1931d ago

He is right, we already knew that LB3 would be amazing with a lot of new tools to make it so much better and awesome. Unless he is just trolling...

DoomeDx1931d ago

Dude if you dig around in N4G you will see this has all been confirmed already :p

Maybe its because I am a hardcore LBP fan reading every single article about it.

Jeez N4G, stop calling people trolls just because they dont post stuff like ''SONY FTW'' ''I LIVE FOR SONY'' etc. -_-

TFJWM1931d ago

So it is something new if its all listed in one article and you don't have to "dig around"

Also "we" are not all hardcore LBP fans so I'm sure for most people some of it was new info

If you post trollish broad statements like that people will call you a troll...

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logan_izer101932d ago

Can't wait! I'm a pretty average creator, but I still enjoy creating and experiencing the master creations. LBP is great.

Rimeskeem1932d ago

16 layers?!?!?!?!

OMG that is going to make gameplay so freaking different.

dcj05241932d ago

Yeah that's gonna be really weird!

Prime1571931d ago

Probably will help the mini games

ado9081932d ago

So basically the touchpad and the ability to create mini trailers are the only thing that seperate the ps4 and ps3 version? Besides the obvious graphical update, lol.

DanielGearSolid1932d ago

What exactly did u expect for a cross gen game?

BiggerBoss1932d ago

Won't the amount of RAM in the PS3 affect how much you'll be able to do and create compared to the Ps4? I'm not much of a techie so correct me if I'm wrong

dcj05241932d ago

You're right. This is why I'M concerned that the cap on the content of levels will be limited because of the ps3.

DoomeDx1932d ago

Yeah this is what concerns me also.

I think the PS3 version is holding the PS4 version down because of the RAM.

Unless there is a way to make PS4 only levels. But I doubt that

fr0sty1932d ago

Yeah, I hope they don't use PS3's cap for the sake of trying to preserve cross compatibility.

ado9081931d ago

That wasn't meant to be a sarcastic or sneer comment, I was just stating so that is basically the difference because the title says ps4 vs ps3 differences. I didn't need all the fanboys to go apecrap at me because I stated facts. I even had 3 people message me hate mails because of this lile wtf man?

Transporter471932d ago

Oh i didn't know it was coming to PS3. That is great, I love LBP. I am getting for my PS4 but i'm glad a lot of people will enjoy this :D

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The story is too old to be commented.