Could Destiny Be Bigger than Call of Duty? - Game Scoop

IGN - Analysts think it's possible. This conversation originally appeared in Game Scoop Episode 311.

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cfc781927d ago

IGN analysts might do but I don't it might get closer than Halo did with it being multi platform but taking top spot I just don't see it we all know what COD does year in year out and we all know the game doesn't even have to be great for it to sell millions but anything's possible I guess.

Relientk771927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

If Halo was multiplatform I have no doubt it would hit Call of Duty sales numbers

so yeah, I think Destiny is gonna do extremely well.

I'm expecting 15-20 million atleast

FamilyGuy1927d ago

Destiny will have legs. Even if it doesn't sell CoD numbers out the gate it will hold consistently high sales because of all the people who end up buying it to play with their obsessed friends. Game streams, video uploads and words of mouth will make Destiny huge, beyond the initial bulk that buy it from the start. Whether it dethrones CoD I'm not sure but it's not like it has to dethrone it and Activision wins either way.

Sitdown1927d ago

Great is relative.... being a trigger happy game that most people can pick up and play..... It's great at that.

Johnsonparts231927d ago

It was, but did you play Ghosts? that was just bad.

Sitdown1927d ago

Nope..... just could not bring myself to do it. Price drops and lack of trade in value were red flags. Not to mention the fish fiasco..

Sitdown1927d ago

It "could" be, but it won't. Destiny appears to be too involved for what is deemed as the COD crowd.

ScorpiusX1927d ago

One word No , enough said.

JeffGUNZ1927d ago

That was fiver words ;)

I don't know man, I think if the really do add daily activities and constantly support it, then yes. The fact that you are in control of how you gear your guy and he will be yours for 10 years, carrying over from game to game, will be an attractive feature. The mechanics are there to draw away some COD fans. If Advanced Warfare is the same dog and pony show, then Destiny has a solid chance.

ScorpiusX1927d ago

The part that made me rethink my buy is the lack of interaction at the tower, it has to happen by invitation. Why not create some kind of dialog wheel that players can use to interact with other people . Aside from that the game has potential but to beat or overtake COD that a tough one to call.

JeffGUNZ1927d ago

Yeah I totally agree with you there. The tower is too limited. They need to allow much more users in there at a time instead of having separate towers with player limits. Proximity chat in Explore mode and more social interaction in the tower then it has better legs to run on with the social aspect. Since they are not allowing raids to have matchmaking, they should make an area of the tower a place where people can go and meet up to do raids. Like a bar or lounge area. You can walk in then it shows you the groups who are waiting to meet someone to join their raid. This game is heaving on working with people but they have limited the interaction. That's my biggest gripe.

TimidPixel1927d ago

I like Destiny so far a lot more than most past cods. Cod will probably still sell more but either way Activision still wins.

JeffGUNZ1927d ago

This. Activision is going to make so much money in a period of 2 months it's going to be sickening.

Bonkerz1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Not gonna happen if that PVP in destiny stays the same, in the beta it was an unbalanced mess. Hopefully some changes are made.

@ThatOneguyThere.. I agree, the coop was fun but im still worried about the amount of content. Hopefully its got enough content to keep people busy for a nice amount of time. Also yes, the PVP was horrible one of the worst in FPS gaming.

ThatOneGuyThere1927d ago

the PVP was godawful. but the co-op was AMAZING if you're gaming with friends.

Johnsonparts231927d ago

it's only bad if you suck, so.......

UnHoly_One1927d ago

Ahhhh, the classic "it's not bad you just suck" argument.

I remember that one from 33 years ago when I was in kindergarten.

ThatOneGuyThere1927d ago


I'll mop the floor with your silly a$$ any day of the week. Pick the FPS.

OrangePowerz1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

How was it an unbalanced mess? Because you got your ass kicked?

I'm mainly a console player by now and don't play anymore that much on PC, but this is the complaint I always kept hearing from people who are not familiar at all with the concept of PvP in MMOs during the Beta. If I spend time getting good gear why should my gear get gimped? That would make the gear pointless if someone with worse gear makes the same amount of damage and survives just as long as me. Also I would expect them to have PvP centric gear with stats that are usefull for PvP instead of just running around in your PvE gear in the crucible.

We are still learning about what are the best stats and skills for PvP and PvE. Do you really expect to go into a match with whatever gear and beat everybody?

FamilyGuy1927d ago

It most certainly was unbalanced. The classes and the vehicles need adjusting. The Hunters Golden Gun is FAR less effective when compared to the Titan and Warlock Special attacks. On the Moon PvP map that large ship was way too strong.

As far as gear goes, they had modes where your gears stats counts and one where they didn't. Iron banner or whatever that was only open a short time is where your gear actually mattered.

It's not about being bad at the game when any crappy player could just turn a corner drop a special and kill everyone at a flag. Even double jumping before they landed wouldn't save you.

HaveAsandwich1927d ago

you got your ass busted. use your map more.

Johnsonparts231927d ago

nah pvp was dope once you get the hang of it. Just don't suck and you'll love it lol

JeffGUNZ1927d ago

What a lot of people didn't understand was how the PVP worked. If you did crucible, then everyone is on a level playing field and you have to chose the weapon which you think will do the best. Yet, the auto balance it to make it straight up PVP. The Iron Banner, doesn't do that. That is pure you're gear/weapons vs. another. So if a level 29 is in there against a level 15, that level 15 is in trouble. I am not sure if you played iron banner or not, but there is a complete difference in balance.

Overall, the vehicles seemed a little overpowered and I hope the get fixed. I hated the moon map, but the maps on the iron banner were really good.

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