Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition preorder transfer details

New details on the Infernal Pauldrons preorder transfer for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition.

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Maxor1935d ago

I want to buy this game but I fear the community won't be as good as the PC. This is particularly true for the hardcore mode where console players population is frequently a ghost town.

Bigpappy1935d ago

auh, this is the first time Diablo is coming to consoles. Where did you get your info on console community?

spankdaddi1935d ago

D3 has been out on the PS3/X360 almost a year ago (September 2013).

@Maxor, I personally found the community to be thriving during the first 4 months after release. Moved onto other games so cannot speak on the current community population.

Mega241935d ago

Diablo 1 was on ps1, I had it, and it was awesome.

Rob Hornecker1934d ago

You may want to start looking in the XBL games forums under Diablo 3 for people looking for others to play with. I never did have any XBL friends that had the game,so I played it solo.

I love the game and its truly a BLAST to play. I can't wait to play it on the xb1.

The lack of "community interest" could be a issue for the xb1 also with Destiny coming out 3 weeks later.

That should reduce the players in games like BF4 and CoD ghosts.

Rob Hornecker1935d ago

I'll be there. Look for me on the XB1 at launch!

Mr Marvel1935d ago

Every PS4 gamer I know (irl) is getting this game.

I must admit that's only about 5 people though. ;)

Bigpappy1935d ago

Ok. I apologize. I actually for got that they release it last year.

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spoonard1935d ago

This isn't about the online community for me, this is about chilling out on the couch with 1-3 of my friends playing local multiplayer. Which for me is A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER than ANY online community.

martinezjesus19931935d ago

It has local coop?? If yes then, hell yea!! I was iffy about whether i should get it or not, never played a Diablo game, but if it has local co op then i will definitely get this!

Dinkis1935d ago

Hell ya i love the coop on this game

Dannycr1934d ago

Yes sir. 1-4 players local coop. You can even mix local with online.

MeliMel1935d ago

Same here man, I couldnt resist the local coop play. Diablo is gonna do that for me, so it was no brainer. Plus its Diablo man...

MeliMel1935d ago

Sadly those days are dying man... we are endangered species.

MeteorPanda1934d ago

me and my brother are planning on killing dis bitch in co-op! nothing beats screaming at eachother 'dude this way, why the f did you do that? why are you going there? you're adopted you f." lol

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spoonard1935d ago

Yessir, local co-op for 1-4 people!

bigjohn2211934d ago

Cant wait for this game, love the exclusive stuff the ps4 is getting.