PS4 Exclusive Driveclub: Devs Working on Photo Mode; “Plenty to Show” at Gamescom

Today the game director confirmed that the team is actually working on a photo mode, and promised that they have "Plenty to show" at Gamescom.

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Awesome! Im really loving this photo mode stuff, had some amazing shots in TLOUR and im sure it will be amazing to take some in Driveclub!

Can't wait for October man, Driveclub just looks stunning, glad to see it at Gamescom.

Orbilator1539d ago

I'm hyped for it to, its only thing missing from my library, a solid driving game, and no need for speed is it lol.
Still if it lives up to the hype and online team stuff were in for an awesome ride

Crazyglues1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSsssss! OMG Yes... ! Finally this is what I wanted so bad...

Awesome job guys --> This is Awesome news... Game Looks so good a Photo-Mode is a perfect fit..

They even got the wheel coming $399 -

-Can't wait to see what they show at Gamescom-

||.........___||............ ||

sourav931539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

This? http://www.britishpictures....

I'll take my leave

GTgamer1539d ago

I can see it now Evolution studios showing off the weather tech for DC "licks lips intensely" (•ิ_•ิ) bring it on Gamescom.

otherZinc1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Ahh, the article said nothing & confirmed nothing. As in all Drive Club articles.

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Don't care about racers but it's cool to see all Sony exclusives get a photo mode. Hope that's a trend that continues. The only down Side to the whole Share button is if people might spoil a game with something they share.

Muzikguy1539d ago

I've been very cautious with what I watch so I don't spoil games. I watch ones I already own or have no interest in playing (maybe to get interested). When I watch games I don't own it's only to see what the game is like from another person's perspective.

Insomnia_841538d ago

I've found parts in TLOUR where the photo mode doesn't work. Other developers could do the same to prevent spoilers.

ThatOneGuyThere1539d ago

what i REALLY want is a music video reply option like GT3. YOU HEAR ME, POLYPHONY? Not having it in GT4, 5, and 6 has been a huge letdown. Having it in driveclub would be pretty glorious.

skydragoonity1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I haven't been this excited for gamescom in a while

Moe-Gunz1539d ago

Sony's developers are taking a liking to the photo mode. I absolutely love that feature. Have some amazing InFamous and TLoU:R screens due to this.

Free marketing for developers too.

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The story is too old to be commented.