Naxxramas - Blessing or Curse?

Hardcore Gamer: Whenever new cards are introduced to a CCG, the meta game changes substantially, and Naxxramas is already making waves when it comes to the decks you'll see on ladder.

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Jdoki1928d ago

I can see the authors point, but don't agree with it.

Complaining about Naxx introducing 'must have' cards is like complaining that Legendaries are too good and shouldn't be allowed in Ranked play.

Nothing in Hearthstone is pay to win, it just takes time to earn the cards for free. Just because Person A has spent $100 on cards and Person B can't afford to, means nothing more than Person B may be slightly less competitive at that moment in time.

If you can't afford to pay cash to open packs of cards or the different Naxx Quarters then maximise Gold from Quests and Arena runs until you can - and if that doesn't appeal you may be playing Hearthstone for the wrong reasons.

I've spent a tonne of money on Packs, and I am still missing loads of Legendary cards that are (at times) hugely desirable in the meta game. I have to find alternatives, or create decks with what I have. But most of all, I play for fun and don't whine about 'must have' cards and claiming the game is Pay to Win.