Gamespot reviews Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Aaron Thomas reports:

''Prizefighter's main draw is its Career mode. Here, you make a fighter with the game's fairly robust creation tools. Once you're done, you'll guide "The Kid" from obscurity to the limelight throughout the course of his career. You book your own fights, and you'll generally have two or three fights from which to choose. There's not a tremendous variation between most fighters, but there are some twists here and there to keep things interesting. One fighter puts something on his glove that makes it hard for you to see, another fighter has the judges in his pocket, and one guy runs out of gas after six rounds, so you'll have to wait him out. This sometimes feels contrived, and it can be frustrating to fight with a broken hand that you never saw your fighter break, but it does help mix things up a bit. After you've won a few of those bouts, you'll unlock a new fight, which is basically a boss fight.

Your created fighter's attributes start off terrible, but he won't be awful forever. Once you sign a contract for a fight, you'll have a few weeks in which to train. There are five ways to train: heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope, focus mitts, and shuttle run. These are all simple minigames where you mash buttons or hit specific buttons as fast as you can. The better you do, the more your attributes will improve. If you don't feel like doing the minigames yourself, you can autotrain and skip the workouts, but if you select this option, you won't get much of a boost.

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