Rogue Legacy - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

By nature, I am someone who tends to gravitate towards grind-heavy games. Dungeon crawlers and JRPGs generally appeal to me for this reason. As a result, roguelike is a genre that has a tendency to rub me the wrong way, with death negating all of the hard work I had put in. It is just one of those challenges that I might start off amused by, but the eventual lack of progression starts to feel a bit like time wasted.

Rogue Legacy finds a delicate balance between the hand holding so many newer games do today, without destroying my will to continue playing the way many roguelikes have a habit of doing. Described as a rogue-lite (not the first game to use this term, but arguably the most effective to date), Rogue Legacy manages to punish failure while rewarding success in a way that reminds me of titles from the Souls series, that have a knack for simply making you better at the game through repetition and understanding.

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