Korean Hearthstone Ad: I Don't Understand It But It's Fantastic

BE AMAZED! This is a very hilarious and very effective advertisement made by Blizzard. It stars Kim Bo Sung (the guy with the shades holding the Hearthstone card tablet like Moses), a popular guy in variety shows. Also, for anyone else wondering, the girl he looked at is named Kim Min-Young and is humorously called "Girl with Boobs" and also appears in Hearthstone television programs.

With StarCraft II losing some appeal (and sponsors to support its professional gaming teams) in South Korea, it's good to know that Blizzard is trying to save some face by aggressively promoting Hearthstone not only as a casual, fun, and strategic game that takes less time than other complicated games so your partner won't get mad at you if you play just one more game, but also as a game than can be taken seriously, even for some big money potential.

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CloudRap1539d ago

an adult film starring kim jong il and that gagnam style guy?

Gh05t1539d ago

Fantastic is not the word I would use to describe this drivel.

DawginTow11539d ago

BWAHAHA! Funny stuff, a good reminder never to take stuff too seriously XD