SpeedRunners is coming to Xbox One

DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild GAMES will bring SpeedRunners to Xbox One after it’s Steam release.

We have been holding off consoles until we have a clear view of what the game shapes up to be. Now that the end-goal is clearer, we are confident in bringing SpeedRunners to Xbox One after the Steam release. ETA is 2015.

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jhoward5851537d ago

looks like fun. too bad isn't coming out for PS4.

LAWSON721537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Probably in due time if it is a hit

Looks pretty fun and it is nice that the game has online MP, though it is not expected for some time.

nicksetzer11537d ago

Wow, it does look pretty freaking sweet, and I am sure we will see it on PS4 at some point. I'll be playing it on my xbox first regardless.

3-4-51537d ago

This honestly looks like one of the most fun games for the XB1. I like the idea.

DOMination-1536d ago

I've had it for nearly a year now on early access and for multiplayer its seriously fun. It reminds me of the feeling you get when you play mario kart.

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1noobgamer1537d ago

I have it on steam and its a really fun game, definitely if you have some pals round on the sofa

mrmack001537d ago

Hmm.. It does look pretty fun.. This is one of those games that'll make you break your controller in frustration lol

DaveFleming1536d ago

Awesome, I reported on this a while back and glad it has been officially confirmed