BioShock iOS hands-on impressions: Rapture resurfaces on a new platform | Shack News

Shack News - If you were to ask me to list the games that I think would make for great iOS ports, the original 2007 BioShock probably wouldn't make the top ten... or even fifty. Then again, prior to 2013, I would have been very skeptical of how well XCOM: Enemy Unknown would play on an iPad. Following the success of Enemy Unknown on iOS, 2K Games dug through its archives, looking for the next big iOS hit, and BioShock arose like Big Daddy in a bathysphere. Considered by many to be a classic in gaming, BioShock set a new standard in storytelling and graphics. It set the stage for last year's hit, BioShock Infinite, which makes it an ideal game for a comeback.

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