PlayStation Store Preview – August 5, 2014: Full Swap

This week The Swapper arrives on all platforms, Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is going to be available without the full game, and Metrico will puzzle you on the PlayStation Vita. Plus, the new games for August arrive for PlayStation Plus this week – check them out. Don’t forget to stock up on PSN credit for this week’s update.

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ftwrthtx1928d ago

The swapper is a great game and the game is cross buy between all 3 PS platforms as well as cross save compatible with all 3. Love it on the PS4 and the Vita.

PeaSFor1928d ago

damn thats an awesome week!
-Metrico(been waiting a long time for it, i was already sold ..but now its free on ps+!!Woooahh!)
-DragonsCrown on psvita(already own it on ps3 but almost double dipped)
-Road Not Taken(look pretty cool)
-The Swapper(already preordered)
-Proteus(already have it on pc but will be glad to get it on the vita)

RantandRave1928d ago

I see that August wasn't any better for PS+ for PS4 imo :( Let's hope September gets something better... fingers crossed.

Utalkin2me1928d ago

Road not taken and Swapper are both getting high praise. You do understand the PS4 hasn't even been out a full year yet. Kind of hard to give decent retail games out when you don't have the catalog to do so.

wolfcreek1928d ago

Lol. And what does that matter. Sony should have been making the games day one. Same thing happened to the wiiu saying there are no games and everyone said it would fail and yet Xbox1 can't catch it and Ps4 is bombing in Japan. I wish I kept my ps3 for another year over my ps4.

gigoran1927d ago

Strange... apparently the rest of the world thinks the games released for PS4 this month are well loved and great. But I guess you're right, right? Who cares what the rest of the world thinks!

No... wait... the complete opposite.

aceitman1928d ago

@ RantandRave what is not good for u is great for others , people should stop complaining , ps + is not just for free games , its for discounts and trials , betas .u get more than ur moneys worth on ps4 for it not being out a full year yet. and if u have all playstaion products ,ps3, vita,and ps4 it is a huge value for the yearly subscription u pay.i may not like a game u like but all I will say is ok maybe next month.

RantandRave1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


I agree with you 100%. I'm making out like a fat cat on PS3 and Vita. NBA 2K14 could have been released on PS4 as well (Game was 6 mo. old at time of release on PS3). It's Sony choice on what they offer for release on the consoles. The love can be equally shared with PS4 and should be. It isn't a factor on how long the game has been out (case in point listed above). I use the discount portion of PS+ almost every month. My point was specifically related to PS4 releases (or lack there of)and it was an opinion only nothing more. I'm sorry that I didn't phrase it " ok maybe next month".

fenome1928d ago

Yeah, but that also has to do with the publishers too. NBA 2K14 isn't being published by Sony so they can't just give it away on plus, it's not their decision to make. 2K Sports will probably make more money off of the PS4 version than whatever deal Sony strikes with them to include it into the instant game collection and they know that, so they're gonna hold out on it a little longer.

The game lineup in general is gonna start growing fast starting this fall, so we're probably gonna start seeing a couple of bigger titles once the library grows and the heavy hitters start coming out. In the meantime though I've gotten to try out some cool games that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

I never planned on letting my ps+ sub run out anyways, so I just consider these nice perks along the way :P

1928d ago
sanosukegtr1231927d ago

Can't wait for dragon's crown humming to a tune.