Is Porting BioShock to iOS a Waste of Time?

Given the nature of the mobile gaming ecosystem, however, is porting a game like BioShock to iOS really justified?

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Beetey1930d ago

Why not port it to the Vita instead? If we are never going to get an original Bioshock title like we were told we would, at least give us this.

JoeIsMad1930d ago

While it would be nice to drop it on Vita, the market in iOS is way more lucrative. I think it should be on iOS over Vita, but likely Android over both.

trickman8881930d ago

Because the Vita sells like ass?

BitbyDeath1930d ago

Never understood that saying.
'Ass' actually sells better than pretty much anything... ever.

Kavorklestein1930d ago

Ass sells well - Unless it has gourds of poop pebbling out of it, or if it's just a stink hole with no real appeal to it's shape or size.

And asses stink, so if sales aren't doing too well, then they "Stink like Ass"

hiredhelp1930d ago

Dam i be after this then love bioshock series this be cool on my ipad

trickman8881930d ago

He's saying that he is going to get the game, since he loves the bioshock series and that it would be cool to play it on his ipad.

couldn't figure that out, derpcake?

pop-voxuli1930d ago

No, I couldn't figure it out because I don't understand/read "Blithering Idiot". For fucks sake is it so hard to write the Kings English?

Wait, wait I found an online gibberish translator that'll let me put it in words you people will understand:

"Yo i con read dis coz i don speek Genius fo fuk sak can yall speek da king werds???????"

Summons751930d ago

In short - Yes, No FOR CONTROLLER game has ever ported nicely in illegal emulator or official ports

Cell Phones/Tablets will never be a gaming machine, leave it alone.

Pandamobile1930d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Phones and tablets have been gaming machines for years - or were you completely unaware that the mobile games industry rakes in billions of dollars every year?

Summons751930d ago

Please name me a game that isn't crap, pay 2 win, or lives up to gaming standards like The Last of Us, Halo, Zelda?

You're delusional if you think mobile is for gaming.

Pandamobile1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

If you're comparing mobile games to PC/console-level games in terms of depth and scope, then the comparison is flawed either way.

You're comparing apples to bananas.

You can't honestly look at stuff like Angry Birds and not at least appreciate its proliferation. Angry Birds is the Mario of a new generation of gamers. When you were a kid in the 1990's or 80's, you didn't grow up not playing Mario on some device at someone's house even if you didn't actually own it.

Mobile games are the gateway drug to gaming as a whole. They have to be simple, accessible and operable with one finger. The amount of design that goes into a truly good mobile game deserves just as much respect as crafting a beautiful story and grand 3D world. Sure the mobile gaming landscape isn't super favorable to people who grew up with PC and console level gaming experiences, but let's be honest here; these games aren't for people like us (unless you're open to it, like most people are).

If you want a truly great appreciation for the medium of games, you have to consider the evolution of life as it were. Games today are the direct results of the games before them. There's not a single game today that doesn't start off at the design process as "what works in other games, and how can we make them better".

It's why you see so many first-person shooters who are still trying to capture the magic of the Half-Life formula, or Team Fortress 2's perfected multiplayer, or the Zelda experience, or whatever you deem most worthy of consideration.

Somewhere along the lineage of gaming, it branched off into a new line of descendants, just as significant as the Half-Life's and Last of Us' and Zelda's just in different ways. This was was the mobile boom. It's come along way in a short amount of time, but it's not going anywhere.

_LarZen_1930d ago

It's always funny when the "hardcore gamers" comes along proclaiming what games are "real games" and what system is to be considered a "real gaming system".

Today you can play games on more or less everything. There are more gamers then ever before. People playing games on everything from a mobile phone to a super charged gaming computer.

Tablet and mobile gaming is bigger then ever and there is something for everyone there. In fact I know several young kids that have ditched the 3DS in favor for a iPad.

Capt-FuzzyPants1930d ago

Hearthstone isn't pay to win or crap is it?

Petebloodyonion1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Here's some great ideas that come to mind
Infinity Blade 2 and 3
The walking Dead (and all of TT games)
Pinball arcade

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Pillsbury11930d ago

One thing to note is it will have MFI controller support. I am fine with console games being ported to ios as long as they come with controller support.

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