Gamer Mondays: Tetris and the Defense of Indie Games

"Tomorrow, Sony will add another round of titles to PlayStation Plus' Instant Game Collection. Just like in prior months, a choir of angry PlayStation 4 owners will raise their voices to the heavens, decrying the media giant for not adding a triple A title to the list of "free" games offered by the premium service." - Travis Tucker, Stealthy Box

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uth111925d ago

I don't really expect to see AAA games offered on PS plus until they are at least a year old. When the Christmas season brings a bunch of new titles and the old ones stop selling, then they will show up.

Why would they? These games are expensive to produce, and they need to recoup their investment. How do you do that by giving them away free while they are still selling?

RantandRave1925d ago

Given the writers perspective I would have to agree with what he says. I really appreciated his empathy about how frustrating waiting for content can be.