EA Founder on VR: 'I don't think it's necessary'

VRFocus - It’s often been said that the new wave of virtual reality (VR) is only convincing once you’ve tried it. This has been proven true time and again, and it’s perhaps time that key industry figures were invited to join the experience. Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, is one such individual that clearly needs convincing of the benefits of VR as he suggests that, much like stereoscopic 3D movies, “Nobody really cares.”

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MrSwankSinatra1930d ago

For once i actually agree with EA.

Roccetarius1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

As i've said previously, i don't think people will care before something like Otherland becomes reality.

I prefer not to watch movies in 3D as well, because it just doesn't click with me.

Highlife1929d ago

I don't watch all my movies in 3d but I do watch the big blockbuster movies in 3d. It's nice to have. Trine 2 in 3d is amazing. Wish more games were in 3d.

donthate1929d ago

3D was pure crap!

The whole uncomfortable glasses, then the uncomfortable vision and the nausea that comes with it.

That said, I am really surprised a lot of people of significance have come forward and said they don't believe in it. It makes you really wonder.

Maybe we still aren't ready for VR once the initial honeymoon is over?

I am excited for new technology, and want this to happen, but it is troubling. Something like this would be a boon to EA pushing new experiences and ultimately games.

Pandamobile1929d ago

@Highlife most games are 3D capable these days.

Lwhit61929d ago

Is gaming necessary? No. But its fun and we love it. VR could be fun too so why not?

MrSwankSinatra1929d ago

Maybe it's fun to you, but i have no interest in gimmicks. I never liked motion controls for gaming, i never like 3D for gaming, why would I like VR for gaming? It's a waste of time and money and i think equating a major form of entertainment to that of a peripheral is beyond ridiculous. If you want to talk whats necessary, many things are not necessary for life.

Lwhit61929d ago

I feel like I'm interested in VR because that's what people have been imagining to be the future for decades now. I think its really cool to be able to grow up in a time where the future isn't a dream but a reality.

Albeit VR may be a small glimpse of that but it's still pretty interesting.

3-4-51929d ago

VR.....I'm cool without it for the next 2-3 console generations.

Hellsvacancy1930d ago

"he’s basing his opinion on a previous iteration and not the modern way championed by Oculus VR"

Wow what an idiot, oh it's EA, never mind

KingPin1929d ago

vr could be a big hit, or it could just end up like a short term craze.

much like 3D.

i suppose if they can keep finding new ways to use it, it will grow, but like 3D now, even movies find it hard on how to use it so you end up with lame shots of people throwing things at the camera and stuff. feels forced. then theres movies like dawn of the planet of the apes where its not needed at all. like i could watch it in 2D and still enjoy that movie. wearing 3D glasses was just to make the picture clear.

MysticStrummer1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

"vr could be a big hit, or it could just end up like a short term craze.

much like 3D."

Movies in theaters and on BluRay are still being released in 3D, so I think 3D has finally made a permanent foothold after decades of trying, but in both cases (VR and 3D) it takes quality and a low enough price. The combination of 3D, VR, motion sensing, a controller similar to the Move will be huge in gaming eventually.

ravinash1927d ago

It was many years for HD TV to really establish them selves, and then there was 3D which is still out there and growing (most TVs come out with it standard these days) now it's 4K which will take many more years.
A long with that you have VR.

First they make the products, then the gimmicks to draw the early adapters, then once it's grown enough the infrastructure is set in place and then gradually it hits the main market before the price starts to drop.

windblowsagain1929d ago

Actually 3D does quite well at the Cinema. Some love it, some don't.

Like all things, there should be options.

D-riders1929d ago

well 3d movies are expensive and gamingin 3d is fun. but all gaming is a choice and not neccessary. the more options the better. kiniect was a bigger failure than 3d, but you ve still put that into games.wth

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