Five reasons you probably need The Last of Us: Remastered in your life

Dealspwn: "If you've never played The Last of Us before, here are five reasons why picking up the Remastered version is something you really ought to do."

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MilkMan1537d ago

Ill give you 1 why I don't.
I played it and beat it on my PS3. (shh, last year. Oh and it looked pretty fuqing sweet to)
I also don't play multiplayer so there is that as well.

LazyGoron1537d ago

I never played the PS3 version and picked this up for my PS4...

My, my, my... ND created an amazing game. Love the stealth/action/survival horror mash-up this game is. I also respect that there's minimal platforming. You would think TLOU being a 3rd-person "shooter" would play similar the Uncharted series. In fact, they play nothing like each other.

I love the simple things ND has done with their games, from the camera view in Crash games to the movie-like atmosphere of Uncharted. I.E. in TLOU when Joel runs, it seems as if the world speeds up around him, not that he is running faster through something. To me, that allows such unique detail in the environment to shine through.

I am about... 60% done with this game, loving it. Incredible game... but the people who say it's "THE best game of all time" I just don't see it as THE #1 GAME OF ALL TIME. Certainly in the top 10 possibly.