The Last Of Us: Remastered - HD Revelation Or Ripoff?

There's been a lot of chatter about whether or not the remastered release of 'The Last of Us' is a worthy purchase. Much like when the TombRaider Definitive Edition came out consumers wonder if it's nothing more than a cheap cash grab. We break down TLOU Remastered completely and give you our thoughts.

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Mr-Dude1540d ago

I wonder of all these articles will appear when other remaster editions are out.. Like GTA and MCC..

Digital_Anomaly1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


When people are paying near full price for something they may have already played it's a fair question to ask.

EDIT: It seems you guys think I'm saying I think it's a ripoff. I bought it! I love it! Simmer down! Haha Also, keep in mind that only Gamestop has the 50% deal. Not everyone can get that price so a lot of people paid full value.

XiNarutoUzumaki1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

TLOU is $50 bucks with 25% off if you trade in the PS3 copy? How isn't that a good deal?

So NO! People aren't playing full price for this. Mind you, I've got my money worth in this game. That MP at 60FPS is just so good.

randomass1711540d ago

And saying no it's not a ripoff is a fair answer.

xHeavYx1540d ago

Agreed with.. Ahem... Naruto... it is a great deal
You get all the DLC and the remastered game for just $50 ($25 if you trade), compare that to the price of the new game for PS3 ($40) and the DLC ($15 for Left Behind plus whatever the season pass costs, I think I paid $20 for it) and you'd be paying over $70

DVS-Zev1540d ago

"When people are paying near full price for something they may have already played it's a fair question to ask"

I assume you bring up this same silly arguement every time a game comes out with their game of the year edition (with all their DLC etc) a year later.Right?

I see games that get 6-7's across the board and still come out with a "GOTY" edition a year later.TLOU:R is basically that.Only they made it for PS4.Why the fuss? Why are certain people acting like this is some sort of first ever thing? Hell, i better look back at the Tomb raider definitive edition comments and see everyone frothing at the mouth or there is some serious double standards.

Mr Pumblechook1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Not another one of these click baits!

* It's the game with the highest Meteoritic rating of 2013 AND 2014.

* It has an additional single player DLC pack and multiplayer DLC included that previously retailed separately.

* It retails for less than the price of a standard game on PS4/XB One.

* It's a bargain but if doesn't interest you that's perfectly okay because not everyone has the same taste. But don't write a poem about it!

Spotie1540d ago

People aren't paying near full price, since it's less than full price but includes content that would cost more on top of that.

As for "something they may have already played," that's a personal choice, especially with this not being made for those people, but for ether millions who didn't have a PS3 last gen or otherwise didn't okay the game.

Basing your answer on an unintended crowd is pretty silly.

DanielGearSolid1540d ago

I dont understand how someone can say a game they CHOSE to buy again is ripoff

Especially when the seller, CLEARLY details what is included in your purchase

A ripoff would be, if the name of the game was The Last of Us 2, and the Sony never showed any footage of it. And when ppl buy it they find out its just TLOU Remastered...

THAT would be a ripoff...
Its sucks how bloggers can start these websites but can't even use simple words and phrases in the right context

LordMaim1540d ago

Easy Pumblechook. They ruled that it was *not* a ripoff. :)

joab7771540d ago

I got it for almost nothing and I love it. Damn...u think ppl would be happy. U don't have to buy it if u own it on ps3. Those who don't or want the remaster have the option...and there's plenty of good deals.

Antnee5341540d ago

What I didn't understand is why people don't realize this is just hold over till the big games come out. This a 10 out of 10 game that scored big last year, but the thing that's different about this from other remasters/remakes is that this was exclusive to the ps3 and a lot of people from 360 and wii made the switch to ps4 so this is really just a gift for them and at 50 this game comes with a 20 dollar season pass included so this is a great deal for anyone especially if you were on the other consoles last gen.

Ezz20131540d ago

i will say this
because those articles
i'm for now on will show no mercy for any one saying they are buying MCC or GTA5 AGAIN

NeoTribe1540d ago

Dude, its 49.99 with ALL the dlc. The ps3 version without dlc is 39.99 still..... how in gods name is it a bad price? Its prolly the best deal on a new game ive ever seen...

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XiNarutoUzumaki1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Don't bother waiting. It is not going to happen. This happens only to TLOU because of the Exclusive curse and the overwhelming reception of the game.

Nobody talks about the other remasters or the GOTY editions. The Last of Us and Sony are the only sinners here.

aceitman1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

ur right there was no one bashing tombraider , and tlou has done a better job with it.

joab7771540d ago

I agree. Everyone will be zero excited for GTA5. It isn't just an exclusive thing though as no one who has spent a gazillion dollars on Halo is gonna ask for a free copy of MCC.

Antnee5341540d ago

Naruto you talk a good point but shouldn't you be out there saving the world by beating up on black zetsu

Lawboy21540d ago

Tbf....MCC is a different animal...Gta and tomb raider on the other hand I feel there should be articles like this

Mr-Dude1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Could you ellaborate on that? I mean, for me the MCC is a remake, but for you the fans it's like TLOU remasterd for us

Xb1ps41540d ago

Mr dude

Does he really have to elaborate on that? I mean you are getting so much more with mcc...

Ezz20131540d ago

please tell me

TLOU alone on ps3 cost what now ?!!
TLOU DLCs cost what now on Ps3 ?!!
what the total of TLOU and all it DLCs on ps3 ?!

each one of the 4 Halo games cost what now on xbox360 ?!

i will wait for an answer

ThePope1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


Haha you're such a fool. Are you honestly comparing TLoU RM to the MCC collection, as if TLoU is bringing more value to the table!?!?

The MCC is a compilation of one of the best series of all time.

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ThePope1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Halo: MCC is not the same these other games. It has games some may not have played in 10 years. Plus it as a TON of value, the most in the history of gaming.

Please people stop talking about TLoU remastered meta critic. If you were to review ONLY the parts that are different from the original you'd see a very different review. I bought it for my PS4 and am enjoying it, but it's not a whole new game.

hkgamer1540d ago

tomb raider got it, i must admit it looked significantly better.

tlou, havent played the ps4 version yet. looks great but maybe the ps3 version just looked too good.

gtaV, well that seems to have improved a lot more.

mcc, well its actually halo 2 hd with 3 other other ports. it does significantly imptove on halo2. but that was released ages ago. it is also a collection, definitely worpth the price.

no matter how you see it, tlou seems like it has done less. but its for fans to decide if they want tp buy again or for newcomers to play an amazing game.

harrisk9541540d ago

I agree... I don't recall as many articles about Tomb Raider being re-released for this gen... there were a few, but not like this.

Death1540d ago

The Master Chief Collection is the remastered versions of all 4 Halo games. It's much more like the God of War collection than Tomb Raider or TLOU on the PS4.

As for TLOU on PS4, the value is determined by the end user. If you never played the PS3 version, it's a great game and a good deal. If you played through multiple times, bought the DLC, and didn't trade it in, the value drops for what you get.

There is no right or wrong answer for this. Some will find tremendous value, some won't. The only differance between this and other games is it has had extremely good reviews.

memots1540d ago

No they wont have that many articles. Only Sony is not allowed, so much hate

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Lawboy21540d ago

U first I was skeptical...not knowing if it was good as all the hype surrounding but now I'm a believer....just finished the campaign on survivor a few days ago....was my first time ever playing...and boy was that game extremely frustrated towards the end because it was so difficult but it is a great game...the graphics at the beginning of the game were mind blowing and the story was riveting....started my grounded play through so wish me luck....also have been playing a lot of the mp which is fun but I don't feel it lives up to the hype...really enjoy it but it's not as good as advertised...all and I am so glad I purchased and thankful Lukas convinced me to make it a priority

Mr-Dude1540d ago

I'm jealous... The feeling you played it the very first time. What where your thought about Joel and Ellie? And the clickers?

LordMaim1540d ago

God is Grounded mode ever barren of helpful items. You thought Survivor was hard. You have to make every brick, every bottle, every scrap of useful material count.

MilkMan1540d ago

Yes, this and any other game that was made last year, that gets a "special" HD release is a ripoff as well.
Its what they call double dipping.
If this was the intent always then they should have made these plans known from the beginning so that consumers could make an informed decision as to where they want to spend their dollars.
Not all this hush sh!t, then its
"SURPRISE! Guess what? Last years game, is this years port into your new shinny console.
Whats that? You want new games? We know. But its easier to give you a copy of this game that's sitting on our server than to make new games. See we don't really have any new ones made yet. So we'll just stretch things out here as much as we can.

xHeavYx1540d ago

I'm sure all those people who didn't have a PS3 agree with you, also all those other people who bought the game at gunpoint, because we all know how people are forced to buy games, right?

WeAreLegion1540d ago

Let's assume for a second that Naughty Dog had started work on the PS4 version before the PS3 version. They didn't, but let's pretend. Here is how that "promotion" would have gone.

"Hey, everyone! This new game that's coming out as a massive system seller will also be released on our more powerful platform in a year. You should wait to buy that version."

Freaking brilliant marketing, right? -_-

These games aren't holding back other games. They're just rereleases to capture a new audience. The same goes for HD remasterings on all systems. Wind Waker deserved a larger audience. I never got to play it. So, I bought the Wii U version. I love it! The same goes for many people with The Last of Us. You don't HAVE to buy it, dude.

Even if you did buy the PS3 version, you could have sold it for around $35 in-store credit when the PS4 version was announced. That's what I did. So, I got the PS4 version for $15, really.

Roccetarius1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

The Gaming industry is pretty much becoming more and more like the Movie / Music industry. Double dipping everywhere, and consumers are not taking a stance against it.

Same thing with Tomb Raider, and GTA was obviously coming to other platforms. Rockstar is smart when it comes to milking a platform first, then moving on.

hkgamer1540d ago

why not port something to another console?

fuck me, we get complete editions with all dlc all the time and no one complains and its on the same co sole. just because a game gets released, does not mean u have to buy or play it.

Death1540d ago

The issue some have isn't that the game was ported, the issue they have is with Sony denying that a port was being worked on. Given the choice some people would rather have waited and bought the game once on the PS4. It would have been a nice gesture by Sony for their fans that pre-ordered the PS4 and didn't buy the game yet. The choice to make an informed decision is all people are asking. Instead of having the ability to choose, Sony clearly stated a port wasn't being made effectively eliminating choice from the equation.

It shouldn't be the difficult to see why these people would be less than thrilled.

Mr-Dude1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

"The issue some have isn't that the game was ported, the issue they have is with Sony denying that a port was being worked on"

Isn't this what 75% of the gamedev do? If some people are angry (which this Gen they are very very quickly), then they should be very pissed at Rockstar, they denied the GTAV port for X1, PC and PS4 for nearly a year...

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fOrlOnhOpe571540d ago

It's a CHOICE. End message.