What Is PS4 Game The Talos Principle All About?

NowGamer: "We spoke to one of the writers behind PS4 title The Talos Principle about why the game isn't as pretentious as it might sound."

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DigitalRaptor1926d ago

The game looks pretty interesting.

Reminds me of a less futuristic 'Portal'.

AnteCash1925d ago

This is from makers of Serious Sam

s45gr321925d ago

Really,that's interesting since Serious Sam is an old school fps.

s45gr321925d ago

Interesting game might check it out on PC

Sonital1925d ago

Why is this tagged as XB1?

Lon3wolf1925d ago

Has it been ruled out from appearing on the One? From the game site:


Welcome to the official page of Talos Principle - a first person non-linear exploration/puzzle single player game.

Game is dealing with philosophical issues of transhumanity.

Gameplay style reminds of a mix between Portal and Witness.

It's planned to be multiplatform, with Steam (PC, Steam OS, Mac, Linux) as the lead platform, but we also plan to develop those mobile and console platforms that we can develop for day 1 release.

Game release is planned for Q3 2014.

More info will be presented regularly through future Croteam updates on Croteam web site.

Sonital1925d ago

Ok then, let me change the question...why isn't Wii U tagged in this and every other platform that hasn't been ruled out?

Lon3wolf1925d ago

Not my article so I couldn't comment on the omissions, :)