Doom 3 Turned Ten Years Old, Still Looks Gorgeous Even For Today's Standards

Three days ago, Doom 3 turned 10 years old. While Doom 3 was not as action-packed as its predecessor, it did look amazing for its time. Doom 3 tried to experiment and adopted a more ‘survival’ gameplay. And while the end result may disappointed a number of gamers, it definitely looked spectacular. Fast forward ten whole years and here we are today, with a game that looks even great for today’s standards (provided you use a number of mods and texture packs).

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Darkwatchman1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Not really impressive considering this isn't vanilla Doom 3 as the article states. It's Doom 3 with mods and texture packs, so OF COURSE it's going to not look bad by today's standards.

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Vantage1534d ago

Doom 3 is a handsome game, but as someone said, it's probably a mod.

Hanuman1534d ago

If you'd read the article you would know!?

Vantage1534d ago

That's what I get for trusting people to use reason and understand that you can't say "Doom 3 Turned Ten Years Old, Still Looks Gorgeous Even For Today's Standards" if the game is using mods.

YoungKingDoran1534d ago

If vantage is anything like me maybe he didn't make it passed the annoying 30 second ad page? Come on DSOgaming, what is this 2001?

frostypants1534d ago

Or, you know, the submitter could have chosen not to use such a stupidly misleading headline. DSOGaming is almost tied with GamingBolt as the most idiotic site posted to N4G.

dennett3161534d ago

What a pointless article...
"This game still looks great today....provided you change and upgrade pretty much everything about it". Yeah, not quite the same as something from the 16 bit era still looking appealing today, is it?
Vanilla Doom 3 was a technical showcase at the time of release, but it dated rather quickly due to an ugly art style.

DARK_SOLDIER1011534d ago

wait until Doom 4 do the same

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