NBC gets into games with $110m Bigpoint swoop

American TV giant NBC has followed contemporaries Warner Bros and Disney to stake a big claim on the games market, acquiring a controlling stake in German casual site Bigpoint for €70m ($110m).

NBC's equity firm Peacock has teamed up with UK-based private funding firm GMT to grab a 70 per cent portion of the site (split between them) - the rest remains with 32-year-old chief executive and Bigpoint founder Heiko Hubertzwhich.

His site, founded six years ago, offers a variety of free to play browser-based casual games but encourages users to sign up and pay for extra features.

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crazy250003781d ago

The game industry is growing and hopefully this will provide more competition therefore higher quality.....I just hope they dont make those stupid TV show games =/

Imallvol73781d ago

Good. When I saw the peacock I thought that meant they were bringing more gaming to television. I watched an ESPN spot on ESPN and was embarrased for gaming and the people playing. Gaming is something you play. It's not a spectator sport, or a sport for that matter.

okcomputer3781d ago

No way is gaming a sport. Thats delusional.

Gothdom3781d ago

I don't see this as a good omen. I'm already sensing that the gaming development is going down, and this just furthers my concern. Networks are already controlling what they say and not on the news, why wouldn't they bring this into gaming?

This gen is somewhat lame, I don't see a game yet that I'll still play in 5 years. Compared to the snes and psx era, there's nothing out there worthwhile. This may change, of course. But if everything goes the way it goes in 2 years, I'm not going to buy a Ps4/xbox720/Power-Nes.

They're flushing me out, and I'm just 28...