Hindsight Review #4 – Theatrhythm : 3DSBlessed

HelenBaby writes : "In my Heroes of Ruin Hindsight Review I mentioned that it was released as part of a trio of Square-Enix titles to reach the 3DS during the summer of 2012, while its library was still tiny. While Heroes of Ruin was the black sheep of this bunch ; Theatrhythm was, in contrast, an angel delight. Indeed it was my game of 2012!

Created to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise, Theatrhythm is a rhythm game that utilises the music from past Final Fantasy games. Like Dissidea before it, it took the characters and themes from those games and mashed their RPG elements with an unfamiliar genre in a unique way. And, like Dissidea on the PSP before it, the end result was fantastic!
You begin by choosing a team of four from an assortment of Final Fantasy protagonists. For old school Final Fantasy fans such as myself getting acquainted with old friends such as Cecil and Cloud was great in itself, but the fact you can then have them together in a team? Mind-blowing. You can equip your team-members with buffs and spells to help them on the ‘battlefield’, and as they level up your options to this end increase".

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