PS Vita Mystery Port Is Now Useless ?

From a previous look we had at the Mystery Port on the PS Vita (and from the manual no one reads), the port was meant for accessories and add-ons. But with the PS Vita 2000 missing this same port, does this mean that Sony has abandoned the add-ons and accessories ventures for the handheld ?

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Mikey322301928d ago

Probably. Unfortunately :(

It was discovered that this was a Video-Out port. Basically a Sony proprietary HDMI-out.

I assume when they decided on creating the PlaystationTV. They should abondon this port.. because then what good is a PlaystationTV.

All a PlaystationTV really is is a PSVita sitting under your TV using this video-out port in the form of hdmi out, and it has ethernet. Simple as that.

I could only hope they enable this in the future :(

2pacalypsenow1927d ago

reminds me of the Psp IR port

FamilyGuy1927d ago

PSP used that for same room multi-player and the hacked PSPs could be used as remotes because of it.

The PS Vita port has never been used for anything as far as I'm aware.

Deathnote1281926d ago

I used the ir port to turn my tv on and off. Was cool at the time

GrandpaSnake1927d ago

seems like they should at least release something for it, but since the new psvita was announced without it , i feel as though they turned their back on it completely.
why is their no after market part for this?

nope1111927d ago

I thought it was portal to another dimension.

ninjahunter1927d ago

I was personally hoping for a video out.

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The story is too old to be commented.