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Here’s Your First Screenshot of WWE 2K15

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has revealed via twitter an in-game screenshot of him staring down long time rival Randy Orton upcoming WWE 2K15 video game.

Safe to say the visuals are a step up from last year’s title. It is also scary accurate.

You can view it below along with a side by side comparison with WWE 2K14 to see how big the difference is.

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Community1627d ago
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TheJacksonRGN1627d ago
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Neoninja1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

It's only one screenshot, but wow it looks good! If the gameplay is improved and it has some type of career mode similar to the older wrestling games I'll probably purchase it.

RedCloud881626d ago

Two career modes, one focuses on reliving two "historic feuds". One is MyCareer, similar to nba 2k's.

Source: IGN

Neoninja1626d ago

Thanks for the feed back. Game is officially on my watch list now! Hopefully they have it to where wrestles like Kofi Kingston can't life someone say, say like the Big Show. Little guys lifting the big guys like their a sack of air has always bugged me about these games.

AliTheSnake11626d ago

Higher Resolution Shot :

Wow, can't wait for more to be revealed.

ShinMaster1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Curious. How does MyCareer differ from previous career modes in WWE games?

Majin-vegeta1627d ago

Mehh just give me an HD remake of Here comes the pain.

RedCloud881626d ago

I always loved here comes the pain, but all I ever hear is Shut your mouth was the best. Nice to see here comes the poison get some love.

DasTier1626d ago

I don't think I've ever hear Shut your Mouth talked about up there with HCTP and No Mercy

sourav931626d ago

Man, Here Comes The THAT was a WWE game...

The_Klank1627d ago

Yukes finally have to step their game up, bout damn time.

gedden71626d ago

Ummm this is 2K developed...

xeroxbane1626d ago

do guys play this sorry im not a wwe fan but oil men play fighting doesn't seem fun to me

Majin-vegeta1626d ago

Who said anything about playing as a guy?;)

DasTier1626d ago

Your such a neckbeard ... smh

ashcroft1626d ago


It's you're not your..At least try to get it right before you call anyone anything.

ground_beef1626d ago

Looool oh wow, wrestling (sigh, smh), I see wrestling now and I can't believe that I used to be such a huge fan of wrestling. I stopped watching wrestling or buying wrestling video games the moment Steve Austin retired. Steve Austin days and the attitude era were the best. Also Bret hart, diesel and razor Ramon days were great too.

I sometimes come across wrestling shows (tna/wwe but mostly wwe) when am flipping channels, and I leave it for a few minutes to see what's new, but it's awfull now that I can't watch 5 minutes of it. What's worse is that half of the wrestlers I don't know, cause I've been disconnected for a long time, and the other half are wrestlers that were still wrestling in the 90's. For gods sake triple h is still wrestling and still a top card star. John cena is still the number one draw, Shawn micheals still makes appearances, Batista is still there.

I don't mind having all the old wrestlers from the late 90's early 2000's but for gods sake have new top card stars. I mean ever since Austin and the rock were the wwe top attractions up till about 2001, it's been john cena and triple h as the top attractions up till now. 13 YEARS AND THE TOP CARD LEVEL HASNT CHANGED. Just wow. Also whenever I come across a show it's always someone talking on the mic, never a match. Now they have all these new wrestlers with extreme childish gimmicks. Back to the gimmicky world of 80's wrestling. The attitude era is turning in its grave.

King_many_layers1626d ago

I guess it must be difficult for you to watch almost anything on th TV or internet.

No drama's, no soaps, no films and heck you'll only ever be able to watch amateur porn because watching something that's acted out simply can't be enjoyed.

Get over the fact that it's a worked product and you might come to see that some of the performers are incredibly talented in their athletic capability, or their ability to manipulate an audience with their words. Being a great professional wrestler takes being an incredible physiologist, a quick thinker and a damn hard worker.

FamilyGuy1626d ago

I actually have quite a few females on my PS3 friends list that play wrestling games (have trophies for them) so maybe this is why?

I haven't been a fan of wrestling games since the N64 so I was always thinking: "Why the hell do all the girls on my list have one or more wrestlemania games?"
Those pervs lol

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