Sledgehammer eyeing Advanced Warfare as new CoD sub-series

Sledgehammer Games has revealed its hopes for Advanced Warfare to become a new sub-series in the dominant Call of Duty franchise.

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FullmetalRoyale1934d ago

I'm definitely jazzed for this game. I didn't think I would catch the bug again, but here I am. I took a year off from the AC series, and I enjoyed Black Flag because of it. This seems to be the case with CoD. The last one I played was Blops 2.

Lol and no this isn't Kevin Spacey hype, I just miss this type of gameplay. I love that Destiny is more(not an insult to CoD players) skill based, where accuracy means kills, but I find myself also wanting some mindless killing. Plus I'm wayyy more into the PvE of Destiny.

I almost hate to admit it, but Activision is going to have one hell of a fiscal year.