ZPlay: Review: Pure Pool (PSN)

ZOGMPlay's Review of VooFoo Studios Pure Pool:

"VooFoo Studios debut PS4 title Pure Pool is nothing but pure elegancy and beauty when it comes to the physics and visuals of the game; the controls aren’t half bad either; but when it comes to competitive gameplay and learning the mechanics of pool then unfortunately you are in for one annoying headache."

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RantandRave1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


- Simple control layout
- The DNA Profile system
- Variety of Gameplay Modes
- Detailed and Realistic Visuals
- Instant online multiplayer action
- In-Game Accolades alongside PSN Trophy Support

Spot on!


- Slightly Confusing Menu layout
- Dark lightning effects make it difficult to see pockets
- Lengthy waiting periods when playing against AI Opponents
- Constant ‘on-screen’ notifications of whoose online (will be fixed in future update).

Disagree because

I have yet to experience any of those issues listed above within the US.

It's a awesome game to play with great graphics and very realistic physics not to mention it reasonably priced.

teedogg801934d ago

Wish I could give the online a go. Haven't been able to get online since I had the damn game.