EA Access, Is It Good Or Bad?

We’ve all been used to game subscriptions for some time now with PC gamers being the main victim. Now that Free 2 Play has become popular, the old subscription models were said to be dying or dead.

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Darkstares2605d ago

It's good if you own a XB1. Why is it bad if it's an OPTION?

sonarus2605d ago Show
Charybdis2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Its bad because might divide the game 'store' into multiple 'app stores' if more publishers will do the same things might get complicated. Its bad because this might be the end of public access to betas or demos from ea in the 'Microsoft' store.

Its good because it gives gamers a/more choice. More 'app stores' might mean more competing digital game prices on the platform especially if more publishers decide to compete with EA acces.

If EA access would be bad value it would still be a good to have simply because Ea would be forced to offer better value compared to the value of other services.

badz1492605d ago

It will be bad for PS+ and GfG because there will no longer be EA's game in them as EA will only put them in their own vault!

OC_MurphysLaw2605d ago

EA Access so far is good, and it will remain good so long as EA support it and update the Vault with more games than just the 4 currently available.

I think it would be nice if they gave some kind of time line for "Vault Updates". Not necessarily telling us what games were coming but a better sense for when they would be updating.

famoussasjohn2605d ago

sonarus - Blame Sony for that.

ScottyHoss2605d ago

Yeah I wished that they would have let Playstation gamers choose what represents a good value to them and considering that in 2015 we're going to see BF:H and Star Wars Battlefront from them and Titanfall 2 after that (??) saving on DLC and games digitally would be a good thing.

abradley2604d ago

Yeah but to be fair, all the work would be on Sony and their servers. Do they really want the extra work for someone elses pay packet?

famoussasjohn2603d ago

abradley - To make their customers happy, yes. They should further improve all of their services as much as they can if they are lacking in any areas. The Playstation Now option isn't a great alternative compared to what EA is offering. However, if Sony was truly for the gamers, this wouldn't have been rejected.

Dudebro902605d ago

How could it be bad? Its nor forced upon you in anyway.

fonger082605d ago

It's only $30/35 a year... one of those games used is that much. Though I do fear this is truely the begining of the end for physical media... for collectors such as myself, there's really no greater feeling than opening a brand new cd/dvd/blu-ray case or poping in a cartidge.

OC_MurphysLaw2605d ago

@nifonge one take away from this seems its pretty that physical media is indeed on the way out. EA still wants you buying new games but they definitely are pushing the notion of buying digital.

For those who do get EA Access, I would strongly suggest you not buy digital versions of "new" games. When games become available in the Vault for unlimited play if you have a disc based version you can sell that game on Ebay or trade it in. Prime example I had a disc based Fifa 14...sold it on Ebay for $37 and that covered my cost for a year of EA Access. Unfortunately I had bought the digital version of BF4. :( Oh well lesson learned.

fonger082605d ago

Yeah I rarely buy digital AAA games, only if it's ridiculously cheap. The reason being I mean I look at my PS3/Xb360 backlog of digital indies and others that I will probably never get to have moved over to the PS4/Xb1, really makes me hesitant to purchase anything in full for digital content.

MysticStrummer2605d ago

"this is truely the begining of the end for physical media."

Yup, and that's why I wouldn't support it.

mhunterjr2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I could go to GameStop and get Madden 25 used for $30 right now. Or I could pay $30 for EA Access and get Madden 25, FIFA 14, Peggle 2, and Battlefield4.... It's clearly a good deal, and I haven't even mentioned the 10% discounts and early access...

It seems to me that the folks who are against it are the ones who don't have access to it.

OC_MurphysLaw2605d ago

Shh... remember this isn't "a good value for the consumer".

JackBNimble2605d ago

Do you get the full version of the game... single and multiplayer?

mhunterjr2605d ago

Full version, all modes

famoussasjohn2605d ago

You get the same thing as you would with a disc, but digitally.

JackBNimble2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I have one more question:
If EA removes games from the vault that you have already downloaded, can you still play that game ?

EDIT: why is it that EA isn't using this service on Origin as well ?

MysticStrummer2605d ago

"It seems to me that the folks who are against it are the ones who don't have access to it."

The majority still prefer physical copies, but this will help push physical copies into extinction because of the cheap pricing. That's why I'm against it.

mhunterjr2605d ago

It doesn't push anything to extinction. More than anything this provides people with an affordable alternative to buying games used... It'll have a negligible effect on the demand for physical copies, especially new games. As long as there is demand for physical, physical will exist, just like CD's still exist.

Imalwaysright2604d ago


What has been happening since the 7th generation has started should be a red flag to any gamer and it boggles my mind that some gamers are thinking about supporting this crap. Publishers want control, they don't care about us and they want to milk us dry. They'll most certainly force this down our throats if gamers start supporting this crap. Giving control to them should be every gamer's nightmare.

abradley2604d ago

Yea but you'll have to pay that subscription every year to play that game. Buy it once, often a lot cheaper when the later version has come out, and you can play when ever you want. It does look like good value for money but it's going to piss off retailers which in turn could hurt us in the long term. Short term it looks good but we as consumers need to look further than that.

mhunterjr2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

But how many people will want to play these games so far down the line? Surely any subscriber has thought about that and figure that by the time their subscription is up there will either be A) more games in the vault to warrent the subscription or B) they'd be done with the game and content to cancel their subscription .

For the select few who would want to continue to play FIFA 14 when FIFA 16 is about to release, they'd still save money if they subscribed today, then bought it used a year later when their sub expires. But considering that the MP servers would be close to shutting down, I really don't see this being an issue for most people.

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