Another Disappointing Games With Gold On The Xbox One

IM PLAYIN discusses this month's slightly disappointing Games with Gold.

"Crimson Dragon; I’ve mentioned it in a few of my articles already, and I very much expected this game to be offered with the Games with Gold initiative on the Xbox One… though I’m surprised it’s taken this long. I’ve toyed with the idea of downloading Crimson Dragon once or twice before, in moments of weakness / boredom, when I was looking for a new game to fill a little of my downtime. My first impressions of the game were pretty poor, but after playing it for a bit, I must admit, I kind of got into it. That’s not to say that it’s a great game, but then it isn’t terrible. It’s most certainly one of the poorer games offered through GWG so far. Well, in league with Halo: Spartan Assault. Strike Suit Zero is a fun little game, which brings the August GWG out of the slums a little, but it still isn’t what I was hoping for from the initiative this month."

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nicksetzer11929d ago

How are these two games any worse than what the PS+ offerings on PS4 have been? Not to mention some great 360 games as well.

XB1_PS41928d ago

Yeah, a title like this will shoot to the top quickly too. I'm going to flag it as Lame, Flame/Click Bait.

Eonjay1928d ago

I am really not sure what people are expecting.

bennissimo1928d ago

"Another" lol

Last month, the X1 got the full-boat edition of Guacamelee for free. PS+'s last two months haven't come close to that awesomeness.

donthate1928d ago

Well if you are unhappy with GwG for Xbox One, then there is another program you can try called EA Access.

I am enjoying BF4 and Peggle 2 with more great games to come soon! Yeah!!!

700p1928d ago

Also its annoying when someone is whining about something thats FREE. lol

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Darkstares1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

The system is less than a year old and the author is making it out like they should be offering Ryse or some other big title already.

Charybdis1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I do agree, but that really isn't a bad idea, think its an underrated game which would do well if Microsoft gave it away. Crytke seemingly could use the money microsoft would pay them.

Ron_Danger1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Why do you feel the need to bring up PS+? The author didn't. He's not compairing the services, he's just complaining about what's available on GwG on XB1.

nicksetzer11928d ago

Ummm, to point out that PS+ and GWG are offering similar games for the next gen so far. PS+ and GWG aren't "disappointing" it's just too early to set the irrational expectations the author does.

Sorry, that I don't find the offerings disappointing (as you seem to want me to) and using actual reasoning (unlike the author) to present that.

Ron_Danger1928d ago

Nice fanboy response. All I did was ask why you fealt the need to bring up something that wasn't brought up AT ALL in the article that you commented on and instead you turned it into a fanboy competition.
Complaining about what games are currently offered is fine and everyone is entitled to thier opinions on the issue at hand, you just could've said that you don't agree with the authors opinion without bringing up the unmentioned competitor.

dumahim1928d ago

Because it puts the situation in context. If GWG is terrible, why isn't what the PS4 gets also terrible? Why complain about only GWG and not talk about the equal offerings on PS4?

Ron_Danger1928d ago


Why does it matter what the author's opinion of PS+ is? Some of you guys in this website are so stuck in this "if 'a' is bad then 'b' needs to be bad also" mentality.

ConfettiYeti1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

They are sensitive on the subject. They feel the need to compare. PS+ has proven itself time and time again as a very viable service. GWG is still somewhat trying to find its feet. And with every Sony Fanboy bashing their favorite machine at every turn they feel sensitive, so I understand why they did it. But it's a bit childish.

PS+ has some really awesome months and some not so Awesome months. GWG will get there, it just takes time.

gangsta_red1928d ago


Why shouldn't anyone ring up the PS+ offerings when comparing two similar services?

I love how off the rails (pun) fanboys get whenever someone brings up their favorite console.

Sharky2311928d ago

@ dumahim

There's no reason to bring up ps+ because they've already proven that they're going to bring good games month after month. So they have one weak month... Oh well! Gwg has been playing catch up the whole time. They had one good month Microsoft has to bring good games every month!

rainslacker1928d ago


It's not a comparison article. It's a look at GWG offering only. PS+ had plenty of those when there was nothing to compare it to, some good, some bad. Don't take it too personally.

Technically your first comment is off topic.

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user95589031929d ago Show
H4zZz41929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Crimson dragon and strike suit zero are definitely not great games but games with gold had both guacamelee and max the curse of brother hood which were two good games. I'm sure as the selection and quality of xbox one games increases, games with gold will only get better. At the moment there aren't that many games to chose from.

creatchee1929d ago

I can't get into Crimson Dragon... It just feels off for some reason. Strike Suit Zero is decent though.

TheDrunkenJester1928d ago

I'm still hoping for Child of Light and Trails: Fusion.

1928d ago
mochachino1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

I don't have live gold anymore (and likely never will) but I felt the games with gold freebies were good this month...for 360 at least.

towelie12881929d ago

Cant say PS4 has been better Strider was cool and i really like pixel junk shooter. but PS4 has been really week in PS+ games
Towerfall Ascension......eww
we will see in augest for PS+
but Strike suit zero is great and Crimson Dragon is pretty cool if you are into it

ShowGun9011929d ago

its not like they're gonna give away killzone shadowfall and Dead Rising 3 though!

Im pretty pleased with the offerings on the ps4 so far, cause im aware theyre not going to shoot themselves in the foot with their own service!

JeffGUNZ1928d ago

Exactly this! The level of entitlement is astonishing with some gamers. I have been a Live member for 7 years and never got a game for free. Now, I am, I am happy. Both games are great for the price we are paying, NOTHING. Are people sitting there and waiting for Titanfall and Infamous to come up free?! Games like Outlast, Constrast, and Hearts War are still selling well and will not be given for free until sales slow down. We are being given 2 free games, shut up and play!

S2Killinit1928d ago

true. some gamers expect too much. the same is true with PSNow pricing.

TheFallenAngel1928d ago

Towerfall is amazing. My buddy who is not a gamer loved that game after we were playing co op.

Liqvid1928d ago

I agree. People ho haven't played this game do not know what they are missing.
Call a few friends over and get ready for hours of fun!

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